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Is There Sex Over 50?

Sex Over 50
Sex Over 50

Is there sex over 50? For men over 50 years of age, most will go through a series of permanent changes sexually, mentally and psychologically. There is a tendency in men over 50 to focus on achieving erections, because this becomes increasingly difficult. As does activities like maintaining a sustained erection during any sexual intercourse. Still there are some positive aspects to becoming more mature. Making it possible to have a fulfilling sex life, well after men reach their fifth decade as a sexual being.
Changes in older males are profoundly important, so great is the impact that most men are able to have better sex lives. In fact, men become more capable of dealing with sexual issues like premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. Often times, males are stereotyped, as having a midlife crisis. This is something that men do experience, but the male midlife crisis is actually a unique and transformational process.

When discussing male sexuality and relationships with the Huffington Post, an expert named Joe Korte began by explaining, "Men have their own midlife crisis. They're bodies, their hair, their erections... their masculinity is starting to change. It's really about their virility as a man. Some of it is that they want to feel more like a man. They have to wrestle with their own masculinity."

Fear and The Little Red Corvette Syndrome

When men reach their golden years, many experience the Little Red Corvette Syndrome. This means they become fearful about passing on their biological imperative and finding a younger woman to have their children. This sounds bad, but it is something both men and women experience. Women just are not as overwhelmed by it.

According to Joe Korte, it is a primary and fear based reaction, "They really start wanting the ideal that they always wanted. It's not an issue of right or wrong, they're just panicked. Internally, they get scared and they act on it because their time is running out." Fear of not being able to attract a suitable female partner, ever again. It can cause men to be reckless, but it also makes them start to feel something that is natural for all human beings.

A little fear is actually good, so that men stop wasting their sex lives.

Learning Different Ways of Sexual Expression

Although men want sex while in their younger years, this isn't always reflected in their sexual attitudes, likes, morals or willingness to find new types of sexual expression. Over time, the same male drives create men who are more open minded.

"Men over 50 become more vocal about their sexual fantasies, and begin to broaden their ideas of what turns them on, considering even fantasies they wouldn't have imagined before," Joe Kort told the Huffington Post.

Truthfully, women are usually more open about expressing their sexuality and trying new things in their sex life. Men have a tendency to be more reserved, possibly until their maturity and sexual experience has a grown up sufficiently. As men become older, their willingness to engage and learn different way to enjoy sex expands, as well.

Becoming Closer and More Intimate Sexually

There is a very common stereotype that males become distant after sex, but it has a basis in human biology. The opposite tendency begins to happen with males over 50. Older men start wanting more intimacy with their sexual partners. They become closer to those that they bond with, due to a naturally occurring aspect of human physiology.

"While men and women have the same levels of oxytocin, the so-called love hormone that is responsible for bonding to partners and children, men have more testosterone," explains Joe Korte.

Testosterone is a hormonal distancer, it actually causes bonded men avoid external advances from women outside of their relationship. A research study in 2012 provided evidence of this, when oxytocin was given to single males in a nasal spray. Male subjects avoided giving romantic signals and distanced themselves from the advances of other women.

There is sex for men and women over 50, only the playing field changes due to natural shifts in the body for older human beings. These changes offer the chance to experience a more fulfilling, yet matured sex life. Sex is still fun, enjoyable and possibly even hotter.

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