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Is there consistency with what a person says and what they do?

Are you consistent?
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Are you currently in a relationship?

Are you casually dating someone who you think has the potential to be the right person for a long term relationship?

When a person thinks about dating long term it can be scary.

In a lot of cases an individual meets someone, exchanges information, texts or talks to get to know the other individual, eventually they meet for coffee or some other quick get to know you encounter and if all goes well a future date is made.

First impressions are everything and individuals always put their best foot forward in the beginning. After a couple of dates, in some cases, people start to change. When this happens all of a sudden what they say and what they do are not one in the same.

At first the person you met used to be consistent about calling and texting. They would make it a point to be on time every time. After a few dates you start to notice they would say they were going to call or text and then nothing, all you hear are crickets.

In situations like this what do you do?

Depending on where you are in your life and your standards you will do one of two things.

In the first case there are some individuals who will continue to seek time with this individual. The person who is waiting will get impatient and will do the all of the calling in an effort to continue to make a date.

As time goes by and the sound of the crickets gets louder eventually the person who is getting no response will get the message that, that person is really not that into them and that individual has moved on with their life. Sooner or later they will too.

On the other hand there are individuals that realize the person they met is not consistent with what they say and what they do and see the writing that is clearly on the wall. They immediately know this is going nowhere and they refuse to continue to invest any more time in situation that is going nowhere. They are also confident enough to move on.

What type of individual are you?

When it comes to dating there is no true way to really see who it is you are truly meeting. But there is one thing that is guaranteed, individuals that you meet will always show you exactly who they are. What's important is that you have take your blinders off to see.

When it comes to dating, are you to the point where your time is precious? Or, are you in the stages where you still have your blinders on?

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