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Is there anything too hard for God?

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Is there anything too hard for God? Abraham and Sarah must have thought long and hard about that question when God promised to give them a child of their own.

Can you imagine giving birth at a very old age? This couple could not envision it either until Isaac was born. Abraham (age 100) Sarah (age 90) truly witnessed a miracle on that day.

Abraham and Sarah’s problem

Abraham and Sarah's "dead" problem was their inability to get pregnant, but what is your "dead" situation? A dead problem is a difficulty that looks like it will never improve.

It could be a financial crisis that you cannot seem to conquer. That “dead” issue might be your rebellious child who refuses to fulfill the call of God that is on his or her life.

It might even be that never-ending marital problem, nagging depression, painful loneliness, habitual anger, consistent frustration, or some type of addiction. Perhaps the “dead” problem in your life is the delay in reaching your dreams.

Is there anything too hard for God?

In the midst of their barrenness, what did the Lord ask Sarah and Abraham? He asked in Genesis 18:14, "Is there anything too hard for God?”

If some of us would be honest, we would answer, "Yes, this thing might just be too hard for you, Lord." Even if we don't say that with our mouths, we say it by our actions.

How could anything be hard for the Creator of the universe? However, doubt and unbelief will cause you to minimize God Almighty.

Like Abraham and Sarah, we sometimes feel hopeless, thinking God is no longer trying to solve our issues. We feel like he does not hear us and is happily watching as our problems perpetuate. Then we may walk around in sorrow, wearing fake smiles.

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