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Is There A Such Thing As Modest Swimwear?

The variety of swimwear styles that are available to the average female consumer is vast, as it relates to fabrics and prints, but are there true options available to the modest community in our society? Bikini...not quite. Some styles provide a couple extra inches of fabric to cover a little more "bottom cushion". From the thong, to the hi-cut bikini bottom, to the brief. Overlays present an added layer of comfort for some that may be interested in camoflauging flaws, such as "love handles", although there is still a significant amount of skin showing. Cover ups are usually fashioned from sheer materials to allow for viewing of the stylish suit underneath and air flow. Wearing a solid wrap cover can provide a false sense of security. It's like putting a skirt on over a swimsuit that must be removed prior to getting in the water, if it is to be preserved in decent condition. So is it really helping the cause, if the female then ends up being half-naked in the pool with others wearing the equivalent of a bra and panty, or lingere bodysuit? The sillouettes change slightly, but really there are two choices: buy a one-piece that covers any combination of back, stomach and private areas, or buy a bikini that covers only private areas of the body. In this day and age, for a person who prefers modesty to attention, unfortunately, the options are very limited when it comes to swimwear that truly covers. Hey! I am a Fashion Designer, maybe i'll do something about that.

Photo by Stefan Gosatti/Getty Images
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