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Is there a state government job in your future?

Your laptop is one way to find a state job that is open.
Your laptop is one way to find a state job that is open.
Dan Vale

Consider the advantages and disadvantages of state government jobs. The Glass Door is a web site that allows users to rate different employers. Some of the ratings of Maryland State Government jobs by people holding them include their statements regarding the following advantages:

  1. Many days off.
  2. Liberal leave policy.
  3. Family friendly policies.
  4. Security.
  5. Positive office culture.
  6. Good benefits.

Some of the Glass Door opinions regarding the disadvantages of Maryland State jobs include:

  1. Low pay.
  2. Less desirable physical environment.
  3. Micromanagement.
  4. Outdated equipment.
  5. Limited training.

According to author Sohaib Kahn:

  1. State employees often have the advantage of collective bargaining through their employee unions.
  2. State employees often get salary increases dependent upon the length of their employment in their positions.
  3. Most state employees work the traditional 9 to 5 shift and get paid for any overtime work.
  4. Most state employees can retire after 30 years or after reaching age 55, and can do so with a guaranteed benefit pension.
  5. Some states even give health insurance for their retirees as well as tax-free pension payments.
  6. States often give generous severance payments for those employees that they lay off.

According to the bizymoms website, some disadvantages of state government jobs include:

  1. Bureaucratic procedures which are mandatory and not efficient.
  2. Fewer rewards and promotions for hard work and ability compared to the private sector.

Those job seekers who want to apply for State of Maryland jobs can find the Maryland State jobs that are open at the State of Maryland Job Openings website.

Those who want to explore state government job openings in other states can go to the Careeronestop

website. Once there, they click on “State Job Banks” and the state they want to search. Then, they click on “state government jobs.“

Another way for job seekers to find open state government jobs is to go to the USA Government website. Once there, they can click on jobs, and then they click on “apply for a state job”.

Now that federal government jobs are harder to get, more job applicants might start considering state government jobs as an alternative.

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