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Is there a silver lining to Obamacare? Part 2

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Since the rollout of Obamacare we have been witnessing a catastrophe right out Dante's Inferno. The Affordable Care Act is one of the greatest misnomers of any legislative action in history built on a greater fraud than could ever be dreamed-up by Bernie Madoff. I suppose it's befitting that only an out-of-control federal government would ever dream-up such a name for a piece of legislation that was to have been designed to improve healthcare delivery in the U.S. which was already the best medical care on earth.

The Administration made one promise after another and repeated them so often, they began to believe them themselves, but all were lies. The first was that people could keep their current insurance policies, doctors, and hospitals. The second was that Obamacare would not raise premiums, and in fact, the president even had the audacity to promise that premiums of those with insurance would go down. The third big lie was that there would be no new taxes under far sources have confirmed 21 new taxes, but we'll probably see more with yet-to-be-implemented rules which may have fees attached.

HR 3962, The Affordable Healthcare Act was passed in May, 2010 without a single Republican vote and signed into law by President Barack Obama. It was to become his signature piece of legislation designed to transform America as we all know it. It was passed with 100% of the Democrat legislators' votes and not a single Republican vote.

Ms. Landreiu (D-Louisiana), who must stand of re-election this year voted for the Obama stimulus, Obamacare HR-3962 (she also reconfirmed her support voting for every measure in support of the bill, including the vote against repeal of the unpopular Obamacare medical device tax, which 79 of her Senate colleagues favored). To secure the unanimous Democrat vote in the Senate it has been widely circulated that she sold her vote for the health care act in exchange for some promised (but yet to be delivered) special treatment — it became known as the Louisiana Purchase.

Senator Landrieu, along with virtually every Democrat Senator running for re-election in 2014 are running for the woods away from their voting record in support of Obamacare as the wheels fall off the healthcare train wreck. In fact, after lambasting Senator Cruz' make-believe filibuster of Obamacare, which lead to a shut-down of the federal government, every Democrat labeled the Republican efforts and those participating therein, as anti-democratic, terrorists, and delusional, with a lot of other epitaphs thrown in.

Following the abysmal failure of the October Obamacare rollout, every Democrat Senator running in 2014, who enthusiastically supported the government take-over of healthcare, began to look like Alfred E. Neuman of MAD Magazine fame.

In distancing themselves from Obamacare, the Democrats, including Landrieu, tried to propose faux-legislation that would alter the problems their ill-conceived legislation was causing. Their idea was that, presto, the federal government would just get the insurance companies to reinstate the policies they were canceling. Too late guys, the horses have left the stables. Insurance companies fall under state jurisdiction and the feds were powerless to reweave the cobwebs.

Obamacare, may be Obama's signature legislation, but it was the liberal/progressive Democrats who wrote HR 3962, disregarded every Republican attempt for input (there are 20 medical doctors in the 113th Congress), turned a blind eye and deft ear to the needs and concerns of the 80% of Americans who were happy with their insurance and against such a massive takeover, and thumbed their noses at traditional Congressional protocols and rules. With over 2000 pages in the bill, it was passed without any legislator reading it, and it was Pelosi who proudly stated with her Botox cracking grin, "We have to pass the bill before we know what's in it"

"The Democrats from Obama on down, own this aborted hermaphrodite piece of legislation, and if those who voted for it now want to run from it, we the voters must hold them accountable, and leave no prisoners!"

Veterans know all too well, what happens when government gets its intrusive nose inside the tent of healthcare. We've seen example after example and most of us have first-hand experience of how inept, wasteful, and problematic bureaucratic healthcare can be. There is ambivalence to quality of care for those who defend the country by many of those in the VA System. There is an air of superiority by those who manage the VA, and a rationalization that regardless of how the VA does its job, those in power deserve bonuses, while at the same time they support efforts to cut benefits to those who have put their lives on the line for the country. The VA should have been a warning to every American of what awaits them with Obamacare.

We Veterans are only 25 million strong, and are treated like re-headed step-children (I truly apologize to my five red-headed grandchildren). If the government cannot run the VA Healthcare system for 25 million enrollees, just how does anyone expect them to run a system which will encompass an additional 300 million people? Liberals always want to be judged by their touchy-feely programs regardless of the fact that one has to look far and wide to find any of them that actually work. They never want to be held accountable for their failures. Does The War on Poverty ring a bell…that $7 trillion waste of money that has left nearly half the citizens worse off that before Lyndon Johnson started pouring all that money down the rat-hole!

Last week I listed countless abuses by the VA, from patient care to administrative screw-ups. This past week, my email box has been barraged with so much mail with even more examples of why government run anything is a bad deal for the voter and in the case of healthcare, for the patients. One email I received, probably tells the story better than all the rest because at the heart of the matter is that government lacks a conscience, is unable to provide accountability, and in most cases is as caring as Hannibal Lecter from Silence of the Lambs.

From the Nevada Ledger Journal:

The House Veterans Affairs Committee and local VA officials are probing allegations that staff at the VA Medical Center in North Las Vegas mistreated a blind veteran, Sandi Niccum, who was writhing in pain while she waited six hours for emergency care at the center on Oct. 22, regarding what was felt to be a return of her colon cancer.

The long wait compounded by frustration with incomplete radiology orders and alleged rude treatment increased the 78-year-old patient's frustration to the point that she pounded her walking cane on the hospital floor, while she pleaded for assistance crying out, "Please somebody help me." Nobody responded. The patient had been a volunteer for the VA’s Visually Impairment Services Team for at least eight years. She died Nov. 15 at a local hospice.

The disturbing allegations in the chronology drew criticism from members of Congress who oversee the VA, including House Veterans Affairs Committee Chairman Rep. Jeff Miller, R-Fla., and committee member Rep. Dina Titus, D-Nevada and prompted a review by a panel at the VA Southern Nevada Healthcare System, which runs the $1 billion medical center which just opened in August 2012.

“All veterans seeking care at VA hospitals deserve to be treated with utmost respect and compassion. Should that ever fail to happen, VA must hold those responsible accountable,” Miller said. Rep Titus said in a statement, “Our VA hospital should be the gold standard in both caring for patients and customer service. I am eager to learn the results of the hospital’s working group and the actions they plan to take to ensure no other veteran suffers from a similar experience.” To many of us those word ring hollow and are lip service to the inefficiencies of what we Veterans know as government run healthcare.

“It was just a horrible experience,” Shirley Newsham (the patient's aid) said about the five-day span Niccum spent in the hospital while doctors tried to determine whether her colon cancer, which was in remission, had flared up again. Because Ms. Niccum did not trust the VA, her doctor allowed her to bring her own medicine and insulin to her room to alleviate her fears.

Toward the end of her stay, Newsham said, a security person tried to remove the medicine when Newsham wasn’t present, but Niccum protested saying, "Oh no you’re not. Those are mine. Do not take them. Do not touch my medicines." Security at that point said, without consulting the doctor, "Well then, we’ll have to escort you out of the hospital." The doctor had told the security personnel that Niccum had to stay which she did for four more days.

Throughout her experience at the VA Hospital Niccum continued to experience pain and complained every day to the VA nurses. The treatment was appalling as the staff continued to neglect Ms. Niccum, and according to Ms. Newsham, "She can’t eat. She’s rocking. She’s crying. She’s in pain. She’s begging anybody and Jesus to please help her.” Niccum’s condition deteriorated to the point that she was constantly crying and asking for pain pills.

The story is a long one and can be read by sourcing the Nevada Journal, but is representative of the problems and fears most of those who oppose Obamacare believe will eventually happen to them. The ordeal included computer glitches whereby records weren't recorded, doctor's orders lost, delays in receiving written patient instructions, continued ignoring of patient needs, being told she really didn't have cancer, but then told she did, and finally having to go to a hospital outside the VA for proper treatment. These events happened in October. Sandi Niccum died in her sleep about 2 a.m. on Nov. 15 from septic shock when her colon cancer caused a ruptured abscess in her colon.

There will be those supporters of Obamacare who will continue to support the government takeover of America's healthcare system, regardless of what is ahead for them as long as they get their insurance coverage for free or at substantially lower subsidized rate. The U.S. taxpayers and the healthy young adults who will struggle to repay their college loans or are among the 20% who can't find a job are the ones who will be expected to pick-up the enormous Obamacare costs that are estimated to run into the trillions of dollars. Logical arguments to those on the dole will fall on deaf ears.

Obamacare was concocted in secrecy by those in academia without any real-life experience in the real world; written into a law which establishes thousands of new regulations (20,000 pages at last count); supported by Democrats that never even read the damn bill; sold to the ignorant public with promises and LIES; implemented under the threat of punishment to be doled out by the IRS; and with enrollment through a hundred million dollar website which didn't work…it probably could have been built by any number of computer-savvy geeks for a fraction of the cost!

Those poor ignorant, mostly Democrat voting folks, who are still on the Obamacare bandwagon, do not realize that healthcare insurance is not healthcare. Next week we will address why healthcare insurance is worthless if you can't find a doctor, a hospital or specialized medical facility, a deductible so high you can't afford to pay it, or you are denied access to America's amazing new clinical treatments that can save your life, because they are only available at the leading research hospitals not recognized by this limp-wristed attempt for government healthcare.



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