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Is There A Short Cut To Get Big Muscles Without Using Steroids?

Now I’ve been asked this question pretty often recently. People ask me how I lost 100 plus pounds and packed 20 pounds of muscle back on in what seemed like no time. The problem is that it took a LONG TIME TO DO IT and no there wasn't a short cut to getting muscle.

Arnold S
Photo by Jerod Harris

I didn't use any performance enhancing supplements to help my gains and losses. I didn't cheat my way to where I am at. Now I’m not big by any standards, but I can hold my own in the gym. How did I do it? HARD WORK! There’s no short cut to getting the results you want to get. Yes we all see these big ripped people on the net, in magazines and things that like but they put in the work.

These people live in the gym and more importantly they eat just as responsibly as their work ethic is. Now you do have people who use steroids and things of that nature, but in my opinion that’s a cheat way to go. If you want to really be truly happy with yourself and your progress, you will do it without the shortcuts to muscle growth.

You need to put in the work when you go workout and eat in the same fashion. You can’t eat a bunch of cake and expect to be under 10 percent body fat. You can’t do a few workouts 1 time a week and expect to get big. The only way to do it is to be persistent with your efforts.

You need to create goals is order to get to where you want to be at. Without them you won’t get the results you want. Create short term goals in order to reach the main goals that you’re looking for. That way you won’t get burned out part way down the road.

Stop listening to others who use the cheat ways to get muscle. Start listening to those who are honest about their efforts, and put in the work and you will see the results you want to see!

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