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Is There A Secret Obamacare Death Debt to Let Your State Seize Your Assets?

Obama's obamacare death debt may impact your heirs after you die
Obama's obamacare death debt may impact your heirs after you die
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As it turns out you may not be able to go gently into that final sleep when you die, because the government and not your family may benefit from your assets courtesy of Obamacare. Before the specter of Obamacare cast its net over tens of millions of Americans the 1993 update in the Medicaid law allowed for states to seize someone’s assets to pay for their health care when they died, reports Fox News.

Now under Obamacare, since there has been an explosion of expanded eligibility, states will have a whole new fresh crop of millions asset holders to sink their government hooks into, according to Fox News.

What does it mean for the millions of unsuspecting individuals who are being tossed out of their own insurance policies and unto the federal Obamacare healthcare site or state exchanges sites? It means that the Obamacare death debt may latch onto your assets after you pass away in order to pay for your cost of receiving Obamacare medical services.

Why you might ask? Well, the law allows your state and others to recoup the cost of providing you health care if you are on Medicaid and are between the ages of 55 and 64. So as it turns out if you like your current health care your heirs may be paying for it…straight from their pockets and into the state’s money sack.

One critic of this potential money grab by states is Dr. Jane Orient of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons. She and her group are against Obamacare and characterize the pilfering from the pocketbooks of the deceased by the state to be offensive. She stated, “I think that people are maybe in for a shock when they find out their heirs are going to be paying for their care, because they got into a system under false pretenses,” according to Fox News.

So be smart and before you place your signature on the Medicaid dotted line, know the truth about the potential Obamacare death debt and whether your heirs should be on the hook for your health care costs.

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