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Is there a racial profile for shooters in mass murders?

Colorado is building up an unsavory reputation for being the residence of perpetrators of extreme gun violence. Coming up in about 5 days is the anniversary of the April 20, 1999 Columbine shootings.

This creates a curiosity about whether there is now a racial profile for who is most likely to be a mass murderer in America.

Have Colorado authorities and police officials across the nation been developing effective mechanisms to protect our citizens from recurring events of gun violence that includes a racial profile?

The Columbine massacre shocked the nation 14 years ago because the perpetrators were white teenagers who epitomized the phrase 'senseless crime.' Is that to say when black teenagers commit crimes that it makes sense?

Now unconscionable acts of violence happen with such regularity in the United States that mass shootings draw the instinctive tears of sympathy from the community and the nation but the response is more muted in almost numb disbelief that white people are doing this.

Colorado is currently embroiled in yet another horrible, shooting tragedy as James Holmes, the accused perpetrator of the Aurora Movie massacre that happened just last summer, goes to trial.

What if James Holmes were a black man? The race of James Holmes has not been made an issue. No reporter has ever depicted him as an angry young white man.

Americans still seems to be living in the wild, wild west, with old ideas about who are the good guys and the bad guys. Authorities here and nationwide can’t seem to agree on how to handle this epidemic of gun violence or how to predict who might strike next. Now, more than ever, reworking the profile of the bad guy is essential.

Governor Hickenlooper and the Democrats believe more regulations will have an effect on stopping gun violence. Look at the gun control bill that was recently passed in Colorado.

President Barack Obama applauded Colorado for passing this legislation while universal support was not to be won. Authorities can't agree on the best course to take. There is a rebellion from within to undermine this new legislation. Look at this:

What is the solution that will keep guns in the hands of law abiding citizens who choose to bear arms and out of the hands of the criminal element that doesn't follow laws anyway? This discussion should include a racial profile for shooters in mass murders.

These intelligent legislators who are elected to make the best decisions for the community and the nation can be trusted to act in our best interest. This link will demonstrate how things are actually handled.

We know Colorado is not alone in battling this decadent trend in horrible gun violence in America. Would the response to these shootings have been different if the shooters were black? Other states are looking toward Colorado for direction on how to find solutions to gun violence as well.

Where would this nation be in the discussion of gun control if the shooters were all young black men in these mass murders? Of course. Chicago doesn't count.


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