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Is there a Jelly in your future?

One of the most common offices for new startups is the founder's's cheap, available and the commute can't be beaten. But the biggest challenge of the home office is that you're home alone. And what's missing is the shared creativity and energy of an office, the ability to bounce ideas off others, to feed the creative spark, to recharge batteries throughout the day.
That's how the concept of a Jelly got started. A handful of like-minded home workers got together somewhere with places to sit and work, a wireless connection, a nearby source of coffee and some interesting colleagues. It worked so well that the Jelly became a regular fixture, and now they operate bi-weekly in hundreds of places all over the country.
Including Central Ohio.
Most of the participants are either entrepreneurs, solo consultants or freelance professionals...people who periodically like to find energy, support - and a stray idea or two - among like-minded workers. On a Jelly day, they work together at a Jelly location. And they work; Jelly days are surprisingly quiet: phone calls and off-topic conversations move to another room. Yet participants still take the time to share ideas and experiences, and interesting discussions spring up unannounced.
If you think a Jelly could help recharge your batteries, you have multiple options in Central Ohio, including:
Sandbox Columbus in the Short North
QWIRK in German village
Espresso Yourself Music Café in Powell
Sandbox Gahanna
Indie House Collective in Olde Town East
The Dublin Entrepreneurial Center
Buckeye CoWorks in Newark
Note that some of these are professional co-work spaces and may have slightly different rules (and perhaps a nominal fee) for their Jelly events, so check in before you drop in. For more information about Jellies – and specifically Jellies in Central Ohio – visit Jelly Columbus