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Is the World so predictable we do not remember the symbol of 911

Let freedom be the change
Let freedom be the change
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Is the World so predictable we do not remember ?

I remember how to do this, I remember what it takes and I remember all who gave their lives to open the eyes of millions around the world. Just like today millions will look back on this date and remember where they were, what they were doing and holding their breath watching the events unfold. I remember like millions of others wondering how did we forget, how did we not see this coming, how did we get here? How we got to this place where nothing seemed to matter except what to wear that day, what traffic was going to be like, who we were upset with and why and how much work was waiting in their inbox. All the effects that we were so preoccupied with that we forgot to remember we are living in a world that is so unpredictable, it is predictable. It is predictable that we will go on, it is predictable that we will only remember when we have to, so predictable that within days we will go back to our lives and then forget the phenomenon of the lives lost, the heartbreak, the unforgettable moments when the world all stopped. When every living soul in the world had their full energy and attention to the horrific events that were unfolding and no one could stop it no matter how hard they tried. No one could wave a magic wand and erase the events that transpired before our very eyes, for our souls to tap into with non-belief. No one could reach out and stop the atrocities play out or reach a hand through their television and cameras and hold up what was crumbling down all around them. All we could do was watch with horror praying for it to not be true. Dazed and wondering what was next, being assaulted again as our attention was taken to other places in our country. A mass hysteria, a mass rejection to what our souls were witnessing and understanding all at the same time and mourning before the total outcome was known. An aftermath of learning whether your loved one perished or survived, the phone calls, the shock and denial, the anger and pain, the assault to the human psyche, the torment of surviving when no one was there to come home. Watching the world and how it tried to assimilate what actually happened. The power of devastation so massive that we sought refuge the only way we knew how, to open our arms and take it in as a whole. To take in those whom we had never known but are only an arm’s length away to call our own once again, our beloveds, and our children under God’s mantle. To stop all that we had believed was so important for us to do at that moment and for days at a time and go…just go to where no one asked us to be. To mourn the loss of so many beloved souls, the cries of a daughter, wife and mother, the breakdown of a son, father and husband, the tears of a child and man’s best friend. To be so consciously connected for an energetic imprint that will always be there no matter how hard one tries, it shall never go away. At that moment the world was all connected as one, a soul mourning so massive it recognizes that connection and validates we are all really here. We are all experiencing this together and the energetic imprint shall be what we carry with us to remember...that time shall never forget, but the soul forgets that moment of time. For the soul recognizes it for what it is, grieves it for what it is, and loves it for what it is. When we talk about change this was the changing moment, this is what change is all about. To open the soul, heart and eyes of individuals to understand you are no greater than or lesser than those around you. You are not an individual living in this world you are a part of a bigger picture and all that you do contributes to that bigger picture in this world. You are the effect that causes the ripples good, bad or indifferent and you are connected for the greater and or lesser good of humanity whether you acknowledge this or not. Whether anyone around you acknowledges this, your soul knows and does. It is a souls code of honor. That is why when we remember this day, this event, this tragedy, this heartbreak; we recognize it on a soul level. Just as each day when one grieves the loss of a loved one, we all feel it; we all have that energetic wave of loss for a moment in time. A mere fraction of time a heartfelt soul recognition. Many may not recognize it for what it is at that moment or understand the feeling that it is connected to right away as they will give it another personal name to accept it. But it is what it is, a loss, a soul who has left his physical earth plane and we all feel it.

Millions of individuals live this experience each day in one form or another, without the entire world recognition in the same way, but the soul feels, knows and recognizes it for what it is. It remembers. It is the human psyche that forgets so it can move on, so it can heal, so it can continue life. It forgets these individuals around our world live this each day, they have lost their loved ones; they grieve, they still do not have answers to what happened or why it had to happen to their loved ones. And even though the human psyche demands answers, once again the demand goes unheard to those who can give the answers. For those who can answer will keep you stringing along to create a good cause to their actions that lead to the path of loss and mourning. That is seen over and over, time and time again. It is the blueprint in the power of this lifetime.

And as a society what did we learn that day, what did we change and what has changed? For we are still dying, we are still giving, we are still waiting for answers. You see all those years ago we changed, the world changed before our eyes. What did not change was how we viewed the world change, how we can still keep our eyes closed to so much around us. Because if we just took a moment we would see that we are all living, breathing, functioning the same as before. We find a way to place fault so that we do not take responsibility. We find a way to hold responsible others so that we do not take full authority for our own actions and we find a way to blame ourselves for what we believe we cannot change. This shall never change as we do not remember what change is all about or do we? Change was that day many years ago that took our unawareness of innocence and mocked it for what it was. The untouchable was touchable and all the predictions were mocked for they were just predictions, right? They were just the rambling of individuals who are not of sound mind and body, right? They were the words of individuals that society deems inappropriate. As even though they faithfully follow a book of predictions, prophecy and miracles there is no way on God’s green earth shall be anyone that can predict what goes on now. Not in our day and times, that only happens in the past that is why we faithfully hold onto what was written by individuals we have never met but stanchly follow. So of course they are accurate and true, for it is written.

Why live in the moment when you can keep living in the past.

Many things that have a written past have a written future that we live each day. And many things that have a past have come true even to this day. Why is it so hard to accept that we have with us those in the past that are here now to write again? Just as what happened all those years ago has happened before just in a different illumination to get our attention. Did we remember or did we forget? The obvious of course… Or are we those who do not have a say as to the way it shall turn out to be? We all have a say, it is our birth right for the next stage, the next journey to begin were we decree it shall. It is the players of the story and how it unfolds as to who shall listen or follow to bring us to the outcome the result of the matter. The resolution lies on our own hands or own choices.

The towers were not just about America with only Americans, for in those towers were every denomination of individuals in our world. That day was about our world; you know the place that we all live in. Every human life in the towers were from our world, every race, color, creed, every age old and young, every language, every gender, every country, every nation, every continent that makes us the world population. It was named the World Trade Center for a reason and even though I am proud that it was built on American soil, with American hands, hard work, sweat, tears, laughter and pride. It was still housed with living individuals and corporations from all over our world. A representation of the finest the world has to offer and all, every living soul that worked, visited, shopped, ate and lived life in those twin towers was from our whole connected world. A world were we do business, we trade, we sell, we buy, we produce, we give and we take was all connected in that one location and we were all worldwide attacked that day as a whole as a world. What greater way to announce to the World as a whole "what is yours shall always be ours to take at anytime". A collective world psyche attack that is imprinted within so deep that to some it is better to disregard and forget than to keep it alive in the knowledge of what it is.

The World Trade Towers was a representation a huge symbol that we can all live and work together with no harm to another and obviously there were those that did not like that. A population of individuals, a population of thinking that did not like a unity so strong that it threatened their own psyche. So what better way that to take down the symbol of unity than allow it to flourish? Take away a symbol of fellowship to the living soul of unity of one, to then divide and create disillusion of the promise of hereafter. Through the promise of God’s words for war, not understanding it is not war on the innocence that God promises retribution. Each living soul we loss that day is our guiding symbol our guiding light to reach our goals, hopes and dreams for a better future for all living beings to unite as one.

The symbol of God’s promise to his children is the symbol of 911…for as an innocence you shall come unto me and be loved. They are all in God’s arms and they are all loved.

So what did change that day? What did we learn? Does your way of looking at your fellow woman or man change? Does your way of looking at those in power change? Does your way of living your life change? Has there really been any change at all? As Americans we opened our eyes that day, we opened our heart in new ways toward one another. As Americans we live each day with the loss of thousands of loved ones, individuals that we accepted for who they were. As Americans we mourn what could have been, what should have been and what was to be in those thousands of beloved lives we remember. As Americans we learned to never close our eyes again. As a world we saw that no one is untouchable. As a world we saw that we all have the same enemy. As humanity we felt the ripple effect. As a world did we learn that no one is any different that you are right now? Did we learn acceptance of power? Did we make healthy changes for the lives of others and ourselves? Did we pay attention when changes were and are right now happening around us? The symbol of 911 lives on in our hearts and mind, does the change live on too? Many people talk change and many people walk away from change.

Can we remember this day with a goal that shall always live on worldwide? Can we remember on this day that connection we felt standing, sitting, kneeling watching what could have been you, me or someone else we loved perish. Can we remember with pride and love those who were innocently unaware what was happening in their everyday routine, without so much a thought of compassion from the perpetrators of their own conscious choices? Can we remember to keep building upon the lives of our loved ones, for yes, we adopted each innocent soul that we lost that day as our own. Can we actually change? Can we remember to change? Can we remember that the world changes each second of the day/night and we are the catalyst of that change?

Can we remember to stop talking about change and actually be the change we talk about?

Can we sit here each day and forget the change that truly happened that day and the effects of that change? How can we then not make the change happen in a way that it is meaningful to each other? How can we sit by as the world changes with no insight, no understanding that it takes more than just one man or woman, one religion or one power to make that change? It takes you and me, it takes your neighbor and friends, it takes communities and neighborhoods and it takes compassion and courage to make the change happen. Whether you understand this or not, the victims of 911 did not ask to be the change on a conscious level, the survivors of 911 did not ask to be a part of that change on a conscious level and neither did you. But now that you are conscious of being that survivor...what changed?

We mourn more than the loss of our loved ones today our fallen comrades and hero’s, we mourn the loss of all the children who shall not give their imaginations and adventures to us to build upon, the mothers who will never soothe another hurt, the fathers who will not walk their daughter down the aisle or build a tree house. The daughters who shall never have grandchildren to carry on the next generation. The sons who will not be a father to build and make dreams a reality. An aunt who will not be a godmother or an uncle who will not be a godfather. A friend who will not be the next world scientist or manufacturer of trade. The cousin who will not make it to dinner or the movies. They will live on within us to symbolize the change, the awakening. As we lost our innocence that day we gained our birth to open our eyes to what truly is around us and who we share this earth plane with.

If there is to be anything changed in our world as we know it…it is to be aware of the world as we know it. Life is precious God Bless all the families, friends, loved ones and furry friends who lost their loved ones on this day not so long ago. Know that they shall always live in our hearts, in our mind and our soul.

CA society that perished within the walls of the World Trade Center is a society that shall be forever missed in our souls, heart and mind…For we did as whole change that day, we connected on a level that was felt worldwide, one not to be forgotten, misrepresented or God forbid replaced.

Until we meet again I sit here preoccupied with remember the events of 911 and all the innocent souls we lost, the change that has taken place, all the change that we can materialize if we so try. How I am looking at the changes that I and others have lived through and how worth it, it was to all of us, for we gained more than freedom we gained honor once again. Moreover, how grateful and blessed I am to be here with all of my family and friends, loving them with every breath I take.

Love, Laughter & Light, Adele Marie

All Rights Reserved Copyright©2012 Adele Marie- Angelic Wise Ones™

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