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Is the world's most unique music festival happening in 2014?

Music festivals are always great. There’s not much better than getting together with a whole bunch of like-minded people to have a blast over a few days to enjoy some epic live music.

Secret Solstice Music Festival

A lot of music festivals are becoming very similar in a lot of ways. If you're in for a complete different and new experience, then Secret Solstice Festival is where you need to be this summer. Party for 72 hours in a place where the sun never sets, with the possibility of a volcano going off in the background. Sounds amazing? I thought so... is proud to be the main USA online publication to cover this first-time event, which is probably about as unique as things go when it comes to music festivals, for more than a few reasons. Of course, there are some huge headliners like Massive Attack and Woodkid for music cred, though that’s where the similarities to a normal festival end.

To start with, the event’s name comes from the unique summer solstice period in June, during the longest days of the year. For most of the world this just means more sunlight in a day, though Iceland’s far-north location means the sun literally won’t set at all, with 24 hours of daylight in a day.

Talk about a unique place to party for a weekend, right?

But that’s not where it ends. Iceland is also the country where more than half the population believes in elves (seriously), there’s a smartphone app to show you how closely related you are to someone so you don’t hook up with your cousin, where almost all the electricity comes from a volcano, as well as being the nation that eats some of the strangest stuff on the planet like puffin, rotten shark, whale and seal.

If you’ve been hearing a lot about Iceland lately, there’s probably a good reason for that. Blockbuster Hollywood movies like Batman Begins, Prometheus, James Bond, Tomb Raider, Oblivion and The Secret Life of Walter Mitty have been shot there, along with TV shows like Game Of Thrones. Combine that with the country being home to Björk and Eyjafjallajökull (otherwise known as the unpronounceable volcano that shut down half the world in 2010), the tiny North Atlantic nation has been in our faces more recently than ever before.

The setting will be Iceland’s capital of Reykjavik, the most northern capital city on the planet. Like most modern festivals there are camping grounds, hostels, hotels and resorts nearby for you to rest your head in between partying, though with the added benefit of a warm geothermal pool in the grounds as well. Probably the perfect way to relax and get rid of a hangover over the weekend.

The amazing people from Secret Solstice will bring me to the festival to have all exclusive access and content for you to enjoy in case you can't make it, but before all that, we will have exclusive interviews and news on the festival that you will only find here!

The festival will feature more than one hundred international acts in June. The first list of performers has been announced, however stay tuned for a lot more to be announced.

Secret Solstice Line-Up (more to be announced):

Massive Attack



Kerri Chandler


Damian Lazarus


Gorgon City



Francesca Lombardo

Sísy Ey


Waze And Odyssey




Clive Henry

Klose One


Josh Butler


My Nu Leng


Rob Shields


DJ Kári

Orang Volante


Mia Dora

Captain Fufanu

Tickets will be available from this coming Monday on the Secret Solstice Facebook page. Keep checking our page for all updates. will exclusively cover Iceland’s Secret Solstice 2014 music festival. The midnight sun music festival runs from June 20th-22nd in Reykjavik, Iceland. For more information on travel, tickets, lineup and news, head to the Secret Solstice Facebook page, or follow on Twitter.

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