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Is the United States a business?

Many talking heads on television and radio who support Mitt Romney are calling the United States a business. They say that because they believe this country should be run like a business, Mitt Romney is the perfect candidate due to his business experience. I will not take anything away from Mitt. He does bring that business experience to the table but is the United States a business? Should it be run as one?

As others have pointed out it was business men who got us into this mess in the first place but, for arguments sake, let’s pretend it is a business. If the United States is a business then our Constitution is our mission statement. Our employees are our stock holders. In order to trade, we need to be ISO certified. The President is the chairman and Congress is our board. Right now, we are not a functioning company and our stocks are plummeting. Why? The board has voted the chairman soul owner and at the same time voted themselves irrelevant.

Our mission statement says that the board decides our course of action as a company. The chairman can only accept or veto the board’s decisions according to the mission statement. Our lenders have come in and offered board members sweet deals to vote themselves irrelevant. They voted the chairman king. We have ruined the chance to be ISO certified because we started war with other countries over seas. Our employees have been laid off and are not being heard. We now spend more than we make and somehow smuggled a printing press into our basement with funds backed by the lenders and other companies. Can a business function this way and continue to stay in business?

There are two men who want that chairman position. One man has plenty of experience but doesn’t agree with our mission statement. He doesn’t care if we become ISO certified or not because he supports the pre emptive wars. He wants to ask the attorneys when making decisions concerning the mission statement. He is backed by the lenders that have taken over. That man is Mitt Romney.

The other man devoted his whole entire life to our mission statement. He always follows it no matter what. That mission statement is what built this company and made us great. He wants to get rid of the lenders who have ruined our company. He wants to balance our budget, bring those laid off employees back to work, destroy the lenders’ printing press, and make our stocks soar. He wants us to be ISO certified and open up new business territory without taking it by force. He will defend this company and integrity with full support of the board as outlined in our mission statement. That man is Ron Paul. Now you tell me, who is most qualified to run this “business?”


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