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Is the town of Maryville, Missouri protecting a rapist & bullying a victim?

14-year-old Daisy Coleman was discovered by her mother Melinda, January 8, 2012 outside of her front door in the freezing cold weather, passed out without socks, shoes, or a coat.

Daisy claims that she and a friend were having a sleepover the night before, they were texting a 17-year-old football player, a senior at her high school, and they decided to sneak out to go meet him. They met him in the basement of his home, and according to Daisy, he gave her a glass of clear liquid and that is all she can remember.

Her mother Melinda says that when she discovered Daisy, she removed her clothes and put her into a warm bath tub, she suspected her daughter was sexually assaulted. Melinda said Daisy complained of being hurt, and started to cry. Daisy was taken to a doctor and examined, and tears to her vagina were discovered.

The football player that was allegedly responsible for this is Mathew Barnett, he was arrested and charged with sexual assault. Equally disgusting is the alleged actions of his friend, Jordan Zech, who recorded the rape on his I Phone.

There is also an eye witness, Daisy’s friend who recalls Daisy being carried into a car by multiple boys, and according to her, Daisy was crying. Moreover, Barnett’s home was raided, and the victims panties were discovered along with a bottle of Bacardi Big Apple. Barnett claimed that the sex was consensual, but did however admit that his friend recorded the incident and that he left Daisy in the freezing weather passed out on her front porch.

You would think video evidence would be enough for a prosecution? However, CNN reports that 2 months after the attack, charges were dropped. Why were charges dropped? There is a victim who has allowed the media to use her name, she has given national interviews, and has allowed her face to be broadcasted.

It’s possible that the family of the alleged rapist may have some political clout. Mathew Barnett’s grandfather is Rex Barnett, a former Republican Missouri State Representative who resides in Maryville. However, Rex Barnett denies that the charges were dropped because of him, and authorities claim charges were dropped because the victim didn’t cooperate, a charge the victims family denies.

According to Think Progress, the Nodaway County Prosecutor, Robert Rice in charge of the case, has political ties to Rex Barnett. In his office there is a photo of the former MO State Rep.

In a disturbing turn of events, some people in the town of Maryville started to bully Daisy and her family. The Kansas City Star reports that the victims home was burned down. On social media Daisy’s fellow students began to bully her on social media. Her brother, a wrestler, was boo’ed by his own school during a wrestling meet, and Daisy’s mother a veterinarian was fired from her job, for no apparent reason.

The town decided to put their support behind the politically connected Barnett family, causing Daisy and her family to move, due to the bullying, threats, and harassment.

Now online activists have gotten involved in the case, including the group Anonymous, who issued this video.

There is also a Change.Org petition calling for the Missouri Attorney General to investigate prosecutor Robert Rice, and Sheriff Darrin White.

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