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Is the Tina Campbell Marriage Normal? #MaryMary

Tina Campbell Marriage Normal?
Tina Campbell Marriage Normal?

I will admit as an avid follower of Gospel music and reality show junkie that I am not the biggest fan of the Multi-Grammy Award winning duo of Tina and Erica Campbell known as Mary Mary. I do not deny their ever changing transcending sound or powerhouse vocals but they were never truly a draw to me. But ever since the earth quaking article in June 2013 in Nationally Syndicated Ebony, I have been constantly intrigued.

In the sit down with Ebony, Tina Campbell revealed in a stunning interview that her long time husband of 12 years, well known musician and producer, Teddy Campbell had cheated on her.

This has set the Gospel music scene on fire. Tina was very open about the adultery and found it in her heart to "forgive him"...not due to their five children but because she loves him.

In the Black community women were in an uproar. In their minds, cheating is the most unforgivable act. In my opinion, this was a wonderful and amazing choice for the couple.

As a married man for the last three years and personally have dealt with this issue, I applaud Tina for not just forgiving but taking her husband back. Love is such an awesome power and it often has its downfalls. But in all situations, Love wins out.

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I will say this, marriage and relationships are two totally different scenarios. In Monogamy, there are no define rulebook or laws that protect those who are in a relationship. However, in marriage, which is a state, government and Biblically recognized union-fidelity is the law. And that stanza that stands out the most in the exchanging of vows are "For Better or Worse" and believe me, there is a lot of worse. In the worst of times, Love is all that there is that keeps people together. In the worst of times there is only love to show and display the truth and essence of God's Love is His ability to not just forgive us of our wrong doings but to continue to love us as if it never happened. That is where we lose sight of what is it to be in love with someone.

A lot of women...especially Black women can learn from Tina Campbell, for she is showing the true gift of God given to us... The ability to forgive, move on and do it with the one who wronged us. Amazing act of Love Tina Campbell...

An unfortunate situation in the Teddy and Tina Campbell marriage, but one that we can all relate to.

Ramone F. Garrett
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