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Is the sleeze factor injected in school book more indoctrination than education?

Are we training our children to think for themselves or what to think?
Are we training our children to think for themselves or what to think?
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A controversial “sex ed” book was approved by the Fremont school board by a narrow 3-2 vote in June of this year is causing consternation among parents. The book called “Your Health Today” targets 9th grade students and is being objected to by parents claiming the book is not “age appropriate”.

One naturally assumes that sex education is clearly a necessary enterprise, particularly with students being freshmen and a little unsure concerning socialization and dating the opposite sex. Having information about sexuality and birth control is one thing, however there is clearly information disclosed in the district approved text book that has adults upset.

Nobody is bothering to play the abstinence card which many liberal thinkers are hostile to anyway, particularly if one even suggests that Bible standards be considered as an option to combat unhealthy sexual experimentation. Just say no only works with the drug program.

So when subjects as masturbation, foreplay, erotic touch, vibrators, or bondage is introduced, does the content go too far? And are we talking about education or indoctrination?

One is still talking about 14-15 years old that may have barely been able to determine their sexual identity out of middle school, a period of time where young teens are just beginning to comprehend who they are and what direction they may be going. Expecting these same freshmen in high school to have the confidence, experience, or maturity to ask their potential sex partner this,

“How to talk to your prospective partners about your sexual history”? Are we not talking about young teens probably too shy to even ask another out without turning red? Having clumsy attempts at sexual expression is highly unlikely to be revealed to a perspective dating partner the first year of high school under the best of conditions.

What is really amazing is the great lengths of both those for and against the use of the sex ed book go to not say the subject material has a “sleeze factor”. Is it really necessary to bring up erotic touch, vibrators, or bondage at this age? What is really scary is one wonders what the other six text books had in them that caused them to be rejected by the school board. “Your Health Today” was the best solution.

A moral application is just not done even when controversial content is brought up. Under the disguise of education or information, rarely is the moral issue addressed that perhaps one should not engage in that type of behavior.

There are parents protesting that the approved sex ed book violates the state education law which mandates instructional material should be age appropriate. In this day and age of moral relativism, it is quite a task to have a standard concerning appropriate sexual behavior that everyone can adhere to.

Who’s standard? What message? These nebulous expectations vary greatly based on belief system, religious training, parenting skills, and unfortunately what young teens have been exposed to. Depending on how bondage, vibrators, or erotic touch are presented in the “Your Health Today”, it will represent somebody’s values or perhaps a clinical approach to the sexual education subject, but is a 15-year old emotionally and maturely ready to receive it?

There are many parents that frown on a 15-year old engaging in fornication or being unnecessarily sexually active. Most parents resent being under minded by subjects they would prefer to deal with when they see fit. Many parents are not that liberal regarding their freshmen entering high school being unduly influenced.

Parents with conservative values are expected to comply to a liberal approach to education which includes sex ed, and this is when education ceases to be education and more about indoctrination. There is no justification injecting the subjects of bondage or erotic touch to freshmen. This leaves the realm of teaching and enters the realm of meddling.

No parent is thrilled to find out their 12-14 year old child is sexually active. Parents that attempt to slow and protect their children from the indoctrination of sex in our society are frustrated by teachings as disclosed in “Your Health Today”.

Nobody is being prudish and wise parents have already had “that talk” before their child enters high school anyway. It is a little late if naïve kids enter the 9th grade clueless, but it can happen. However, with the comprehensive behavior and physical sciences presented in middle school, not having information regarding how pregnancy takes place would be an astonishing feat for a student entering high school in California.

The absolutely accurate Bible scripture is appropriate, “everything is permitted, but everything is not expedient for you”.

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