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Is the Scary Clown Terrifying New Yorker's actually Harmless?

Clowning around
Clowning around
Photo by Pablo Blazquez Dominguez/Getty Images

A terrifying looking clown is stalking the night on New York’s Staten Island. Local resident Anthony Martelli said encountering him was the creepiest experience he’s ever had.

“I was just driving around on Sunday night in the isolated part of town near Westerleigh,” said Martelli, “and then this crazy looking clown literally appeared out of the fog. He smiled and seemed to hold out a balloon and I just freakin’ floored it man. I’m never going back over there that’s for sure. It was like a movie but it was real”.

The clown has been spotted on a few occasions near train stations at Grasmere and Richmond Valley on Staten Island. Witnesses have taken to Twitter and even YouTube to share their experiences.

The terrifying clown has not appeared to have broken any laws and always seems willing to offer balloons to the few lucky people who encounter him in the dark of night.

One lucky resident named Vic spotted the infamous clown during the day and his video on YouTube has started to go viral. Speculation has also begun to center on Vic as actually being the "Pennywise" clown.
However, thrill seekers and curious clown enthusiasts may want to use caution when attempting to spot the clown near train stations at night.

Brittany Kelly said she got off the train at Grasmere last Thursday night and said it was surreal. "The train horn was really loud and it was foggy. He was there and then he wasn’t and then he was again and I could hear singing of like a really old song from way down the street. He was singing about a parade and I just ran as fast as I could”.

Clown advocacy groups have taken to the defense of the mysterious Staten Island clown saying that he has a right to entertain. Said fellow clown Chaz D, “we’re all just clowin’ around. That’s what we do. Put a smile on your face and a bounce in your step”.

Chaz makes a good point because most people who've seen the clown have run faster than they have for years.

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