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Is the Russian dashcam acrobat video fake?

A video going mega viral on YouTube shows a car accident in Russia caught on dashcam and catches the incredible feat of a motorcycle driver sticking a perfect landing on the hood of a moving car he'd just rear ended on a fast moving, busy highway in Eastern Belarus.

Some say this Russian dashcam video is a fake
Kruszon1984 @YouTube

But, is it fake?

CNET covered the story on Aug. 19 and predicted the video would go seriously viral quickly. And, to prove the point, the clip gathered more than 3,000,000 hits in just one day.

It's easy to see why.

In the video, a Russian driver is tooling along a busy highway, conversing with a female passenger as the music plays on the radio and traffic moves along briskly.

Suddenly, just as the driver in front of the unidentified man signals to change into the left lane, a speeding motorcycle weaves in between the two vehicles, trying to make the same move. Not a good idea.

The result is a pretty serious looking crash by the motorcyclist into the rear end of the lane-changing car and, incredibly, the bike driver manages to flip a somersault and stick the landing on the roof of the car he'd just hit.

It's an incredible sight, but some YouTubers think it's just too good to be true.

"I think this is fake," writes Charles Pearson. "I can't quite put my finger on it, but after repeatedly watching that moment when the motorcycle hits the car and the man launches off of it, something about this just looks fishy."

Admittedly, not the most technical observation, but, running the video a few times and freeze framing the moment the acrobat flips up on the roof of the other car does look a bit sloppy. Is it even physically possible?

Jvans93 observes that "It'd be similar to you running and jumping onto a moving sled."

That makes some sense, but the lead car does seem to be moving much too fast.

It will probably take the skills of a video expert to unravel the mystery, so, in the meantime, just chalk it up to Russian luck.

And some incredible reflexes...

What do you think? Is this video real or fake?

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