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Is the press state controlled? Media blacks out Bundy story

Despite the importance of the Clive Bundy story as the most recent illustration of the anger many Americans are feeling about what they consider to be the over-reach of the federal government, much of the national media has chosen not to cover the story. This has many Americans outraged that the mainstream national press has become state-controlled media. Is the free press dead? Is the press the voice of the people or are they the voice of the state and powerful corporations?

This story damages the Obama Administration while showing the resolve of the nationwide liberty coalition that is growing stronger every day. Patriots from all over the country including some promonent conservatives from New Hampshire, made the trek to Nevada to support the Bundy family - and they won the first battle. The Bureau of Land Management forces backed down.

The parallels with other seminal events in American history are obvious, yet major media has other things to do. The job of covering this story is therefore left to alternative media and the informed citizen is left to sort through a lot of hype on multiple outlets to find the truth. Professional journalism is abandoning its responsibility to inform the public. Press leaders are either politically compromised or cowardly.

Emmy winning CBS News Investigative Reporter Sharyl Atkisson recently resigned from CBS News because she believed her stories that were critical of the Obama Administration were being quashed. In this interview, Atkisson indicts the Obama Administration and her former network for calling stories "political" in order to get rid of them. Atkisson believes the Obama Administration forces networks not to cover stories that make them look bad. She believes there is a liberal bias in major media. She had very little resistance from her managers when she aggressively covered President Bush. She also believes there is a corporate bias that blocks some stories from appearing that may make big business look bad. Network managers that lack courage give up on stories that might get them into trouble.

Atkisson is describing state and corporate controlled media. Many believe that is the state of the mainstream press today. The free professional press is dead. The alternative media have become the watchdogs.

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