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Is the President chewing gum on national television?

A proud day for America
flip camera

Is the president chewing gum on CNN? Could it be nicorette gum?

After a day of pomp and circumstance, despite a spectacular display of decorum and style, is President Obama chewing gum in the reviewing booth on CNN? Any school teacher viewing the president is probably appalled. Barack Obama is openly jovial, clearly having a good time and laughing with a wad of chewing gum clearly visible to the American public and the world

Perhaps this is the behavior that makes Obama a man of the people. The president could have chosen tic-tacs or Certs. Obama went rogue. The president likely went for Wrigley’s no doubt. From the bulge in his cheeks, it looks like more than one piece.

Throughout the day Obama has been seen soaking up the moments knowing this is the big historical event of his life time. His position as the first black president sets him apart.

After the eloquent speech honoring Martin Luther King, the crowd pleasing stroll down Pennsylvania Avenue and a day full of being in the spotlight, should some aide hand the president a tissue and with the glare of Sister Marion Agnes say: ’gum, please”.

The speech will be unforgettable, the image of the president walking down Pennsylvania Avenue was patriotic pagentry. But, will anyone mention the president saluting the Coast Guard with his jaws gyrating on the chewing gum?


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