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Is the Old Foundation Good Enough?

Construction Area
Construction Area
Jeremie Webb

Today’s Torah Devotional from Exodus 40:17 - 38
The Second Book of the Torah, “Shemot,” “Names.”
This weeks reading is, “Pekudey,” “The accounts of the Sanctuary”

We begin our reading today from the first of Nissan, the New Year, the second year of the exodus.

Moshe and the people erect the Tabernacle of GOD.

He begins with the bases, then placing the beams and fastening them with the crossbars. He sets up the pillars and spreads the tent over the tabernacle, placing the roof over it, all as GOD had commanded.

He took the Tablets of the Testimony and placed them in the Ark. He then placed the carrying poles in the ark and secured its top cover. He then brought the Ark into the Tabernacle and set up the partition to shield it as GOD has commanded.

He then placed the table of showbread, all of its utensils and bread as GOD had commanded, on the north side of the Tent.

He then placed the menorah across from the table, lighting the lamps before GOD as HE had commanded.

Moshe then placed the golden altar of incense before the cloth partition in front of the Ark and burned incense on it as GOD had commanded.

Moshe then placed the drape over the Tabernacles entrance.

He placed the sacrificial altar in front of the Tents entrance and sacrificed the burnt offering and meal offering as GOD had commanded.

He set the washstand between the Communion Tent and the altar, filling it with water for washing. Moshe, Aaron and Aaron’s son’s washed their hands and feet from it as they would do whenever they came to the Communion Tent or offered sacrifice on the altar, as GOD had commanded.

He set up the enclosure surrounding the Tabernacle and altar and placed the drape over its entrance. With this Moshe completed all the work and the Tabernacle of GOD’s Dwelling Place was complete.

Then the cloud covered the Communion Tent and the Glory of GOD filled the Tabernacle.

When the cloud would rise up from the Tabernacle, the Israelites would move on, if it did not rise, they would not move.

GOD’s Cloud remained on the Tabernacle by day and fire was in it by night, all of this visible to see by the entire family of Israel, in all of their travels.

We see the erection of GOD’s Tabernacle taking place, first with the foundation, then the structure, the furnishings, draping, utensils, altars and enclosures.

When we read this we can see yet another pattern emerging.

Just as with the Communion Tent, GOD works within HIS people the same way.

First we must have a solid foundation, a foundation of truth in HIM and truth in HIS Torah.

We must be willing to put away other teachings as well as our old beliefs to come into the truth in which HE has commanded us to follow.

As we establish ourselves in this Truth, changes begin to take place. We have a new perspective on life and everything around us. We find ourselves looking at the World through brand new eyes.

Our foundation allows for a new “structure” of belief, faith, love and peace to be constructed around us, keeping us in HIS Truth and in HIS promises.

This new “structure” allows for us to explore and exploit the tools, gifts and talents HE has given us for HIS Glory. It also affords us a safe place to learn and grow in HIM, accepting HIS shielding from other beliefs, other gods and other influences.

This foundational growth gives us the opportunity to become all that HE has intended for us to be, offering us the privilege of moving deeper and deeper into the understanding of who HE is and who we are in HIM.

Once the foundation, “structure” and utensils are completed within us, we can then move forward with lighting our “menorah,” the Torah.

This causes HIS light to shine through us so all the World may see.

Through this process we find our altar of incense, our praise, which offers up a sweet fragrance unto The Lord.

We then move forward into our new reality, the immediate world around us, where we can wash in the washstand, (mikvah) to become clean before HIM as we move into the service of sacrifice upon the altar.

This sacrifice is unique unto each of us, we all have things we must give up as well as offerings we are designed to make unto HIM.

We all have different talents, gifts, wisdom that HE has given us for the purpose of serving HIM and HIS cause, not our own agenda.

Our gifts, talents and wisdom are unique unto us, just as the people who constructed the Communion Tent, each put their hands to work in the places where their talents, gifts and wisdom lay.

Taking our pattern from these scriptures gives us the perfect blue-print for service unto GOD, without question, without arrogance or false ego or pride.

Following this pattern in unity, in strength and in humility will give rise to service unto GOD in ways we have only before, dreamed.

Can we as believers submit ourselves to this process?

Can we humble ourselves before GOD and man, exposing ourselves to this pattern and allowing GOD to erect HIS Tabernacle within our lives today?

Do we have what it takes to become all that HE has designed us to be for HIM alone, through HIM, by HIM and in HIM?

Are we willing to give up our current ideals, desires and beliefs for HIM to remake us from the inside out for HIS purpose?

Can we submit to HIM and to HIS process with patience and diligence, waiting for all of HIS work to be completed in us, before we move again?

Just as the Israelites would not break camp before the cloud of GOD moved from the Tent, we also would want to stand still until HE is completed HIS work in us, lifting HIS cloud before moving on.

What are your thoughts on these scriptures?

Leave your comments below, OR, if you have questions, click over to our "Ask the Rabbi" Forum, HERE.

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