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Is the Obama administration deliberately trying to weaken our image?

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While even the most dyed-in-the-wool Democrat would now be hard-pressed to explain President Obama's most recent tee-time, which took place only minutes after claiming to bring justice to the Muslim terrorists who beheaded American reporter James Foley, most of those same Democrats would likely still defend Obama's intentions, and term his disgusting antics as 'bad optics.'

Pace University, political science professor Christopher Malone told CBS News: "Something like this sort of reinforces the sense that maybe he is a little aloof, maybe he is a little isolated. I think that sort of narrative really is starting to take a toll six years into his presidency."

However, in light of so many 'bad optics' over the last several years, one now must ask...Could Obama's endless juvenile antics be explained as something more than being "a little isolated?" Is he committing them on purpose?

Remember, we have been told that this man graduated from Columbia University and Harvard Law (I say "we have been told," because the American people have never been allowed to see any proof of these claims.), and that he is a "genius." So, why would such an intelligent man allow his own nation's border to be overrun by illegal aliens, many of whom are violent gang members, while still more carry highly contagious diseases...if in fact, he truly cares about that same nation, and play golf as the Middle East and our own Ferguson, Missouri, burns?

So, either he is completely incompetent or he is deliberately trying to weaken not only our image in the eyes of the world, but doing his level best to cause actual damage to this country.

A stark example of this came early in his presidency, in 2009, when then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton met with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, and presented him with a rather comical 'reset button,' to symbolically 'reset' U.S-Russian relations. As if the absurd gesture was not laughable enough on its own (Lavrov looked confused, and actually made fun of Hillary.), the button was emblazoned with the words "RESET," along with the Russian translation "PERGRUZKA."

Only, "PERGRUZKA," is not the Russian word for reset. It instead means "overcharge." The Russian word for reset is Сброс.

The Blaze reported:

Hillary Clinton Senior Adviser, Phillippe Reines had asked NSC Russia director Mike McFaul for the word and both McFaul and State Russia expert Bill Burns signed off on the spelling…

Keep in mind that there are many free translation websites, which could have provided the correct Russian translation. The entire process took even this non-Ivy League educated columnist less than one minute to complete.

So, are we really to believe that this rather humiliating incident was not done on purpose?

One of Obama's first official actions as president was to return the bust of Sir Winston Churchill back to our most trusted and longstanding ally, England. The Jacob Epstein sculpture was presented as a gift by British Ambassador Christopher Meyer in 2001.

For more than three years, the Obama administration denied that the bust had been returned...

Dan Pfeiffer, the President's communications director, once said in a statement:

This is 100 per cent false. The bust is still in the White House. In the Residence. Outside the Treaty Room...Hopefully this clears things up a bit and prevents folks from making this ridiculous claim again.

However, Pfeiffer was proven to be a liar, when in 2012, The Telegraph reported that "British officials were surprised by Mr Pfeiffer's statement and photograph, however, because the bust now resides in the residence of Sir Peter Westmacott, Britain's ambassador to the US."

Let us not forget, Obama promised to "fundamentally transform" the United States, and he unfortunately, has been keeping that promise...with record numbers of Americans on Food Stamps (nearly 50 million); the fewest number of Americans working since 1979; a Navy on its way to a pre-WWI number of warships; and the complete abandonment of our only true ally in the Middle East, Israel, just to mention a few of Obama's disastrous transformations.

It has become painfully clear that President Barack Hussein Obama is hellbent on demoralizing and weakening this country...The only question now to be answered is how much destruction will be wrought upon us before Jan. 20, 2016?