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Is the NFL's Richard Sherman your Career Coach? Maybe he should be...

The Philadelphia Examiner Career Coach wants to bring out your inner Richard Sherman? I’m serious…I've followed Mr. Sherman since his days at Stanford University and I believe that this exceptional NFL Defensive Back (job title) has created an undeniable brand and he clearly is in the midst of pulling off one of the best demonstrations of "Branding" we've ever seen.

In today's employment landscape "Personal Branding" is king for the upwardly mobile types. It's imperative that you are keenly aware of your unique value and that you are comfortable delivering it. Often it’s simply the difference between career search success and failure.

Now in Mr. Sherman's world of modern day gladiators...the National Football League, the post-game interview rant may be the best way to establish your presence in the market place and gain some respect, notoriety and potentially some cash (this guy is going to have Madison Ave knocking his door down like an NFL hotel groupie) but you have to deliver it with results and conviction. Conversely in the world of the 40 hour work week 9 to 5 types, that chest pumping style of bravado will have you sequestered in Human Resources getting referrals for “professional help” or sitting at home with a pending law-suit.

So because we don’t want that to happen, let's refine the approach that Mr. Sherman used to separate himself from all other NFL Defensive Backs. First you show up consistently and perform at a high level while remaining supportive of your colleagues. Secondly, in crunch time not only do you perform your duties extremely well but you assist a colleague and allow them to share in your success. Lastly, when provided the platform to share your story of success...convey passion, clearly define your value and always inform the listener of the expected results.

Now you’re on your way to the Super Bowl…or a new role but either way…you've created a brand that demands to be rewarded. Oh…just make sure the person you're interviewing with is not named Michael Crabtree (video here).

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