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Is the new federal budget proof of alien contact?

Is the new federal budget proof of alien contact?
Is the new federal budget proof of alien contact?

At a Pentagon briefing yesterday afternoon, Defense Secretary Robert Gates announced a new, 1.3 billion dollar line item in the defense budget - “cyber technologies”. Specifically, the budget puts DARPA in charge of “training of cyber analysts” and “cyber identity, monitoring and enforcement.”

“That such a large amount of money is left under the vague and undefined term “cyber”, and assigned to DARPA, is quite telling,” said Robert Moorehead, a ufologist based in Los Angeles.

Moorehead believes the term “cyber” is a budget codename for “alien technologies” - in other words, the budget creates funding for a department in charge of analyzing and integrating alien technologies into society.

“DARPA has long been at the forefront of developing new technology for use by the military,” said Moorehead. “It makes sense they would be put in charge of integrating advanced alien technology into the armed forces.”

Defense Secretary Robert Gates nor Robert Hale, the Pentagon comptroller, elaborated on what the new DARPA money will actually be spent on, adding to the controversy.

DARPA has not yet to returned repeated messages requesting clarification. In the past, unspecified budget items have been used to build the Joint Operations Center at US Cyber Command, the new military command and control center that is charged with protecting the military’s computer networks.

“It will be interesting to see Congress's reaction,” said Moorehead. “I predict a quiet, late-night passing vote.”