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Is the Lenovo MIIX 2 tablet the Microsoft Surface 2 alternative?

If you are looking for a Windows tablet, the Lenovo MIIX 2 series is a very attractive alternative to the Microsoft Surface 2 tablets.

The Lenovo MIIX 2 series announced at the 2014 International Consumer Electronics Show is a very nice mix of tablet and laptop, or as Lenovo calls it, a convertible. The detachable keyboard dock allows you to quickly switch from laptop mode to tablet mode.

Just as the second generation of Microsoft Surface tablets are known as the Microsoft Surface 2 series, the new Lenovo convertibles carry the second generation name of Lenovo MIIX 2.

The Lenovo MIIX 2 is still very new, and not yet released. When you go to the Tech Specs tab on the Lenovo MIIX 2 website the page comes up as "coming soon." The website can also be very confusing at times as there is an older 8 inch tablet of the Lenovo MIIX 2 series that was not part of the recent release. Sometimes in searching for the new 10 inch and 11 inch MIIX 2 you will get directed to only information on the older 8 inch tablet.

Using the Lenovo press releases and handouts from CES 2014 you can get many of the specs of the new 10 inch and 11 inch MIIX 2 tablets.

With the Microsoft Surface 2, the two models have the same screens, 10.6 inch screen size 1920 x 1080 Full HD quality . With the MIIX 2 there are differences with the high end model having a 11.6” full HD display 1920x1200 screen, and a low end model with a 10.1” full HD display 1920x1200 screen.

The memory and storage comparisons are not so easy either as the MIIX 2 series is not yet released, and some of the specs are listed in non specific terms such as "Up to 8GB DDR3L memory" or "Up to 256GB integrated fast SSD storage"

No Windows confusion with MIIX 2

As the owner and creator of the Windows OS, the most confusing thing Microsoft has done is release two versions of Microsoft Surface hardware with different versions of the Windows 8 operating system.

The most asked questions of the new Microsoft Surface series have been "What's the difference between the Microsoft Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2?" and "What's the difference between the Microsoft Surface RT and Surface Pro?" regarding the first year version of the notebook computers.

With both generations of Microsoft Surface tablets, the lower cost model runs Windows RT, the scaled down version of the Windows operating system. The Pro version of the Microsoft Surface hardware runs Windows Pro, the business class version of the operating system.

The one feature that could make the low end Lenovo MIIX 2 very attractive is that is runs "Genuine Windows 8.1," not the watered down windows 8.1 RT.

Coming soon stayed tuned

The 10 inch model of the Lenovo MIIX 2 starts at $499, and will be available beginning in March. The the 11 inch Lenovo MIIX 2 starts at $699 and will be available starting in April.

Once the MIIX 2 series specs and pricing is established, with all options and features identified and priced out, we will be doing a complete side by side comparison of the MIIX 2 series tablets to the Microsoft Surface 2 series.

It appears safe to say that based on the information released so far, the Lenovo MIIX 2 series is very similar to the Surface 2 series giving shoppers some nice options for a Windows tablet.


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