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Is the global warming 'monster' the great equalizing terrorist? The world moves in cycles.

The Global Warming Monster will destroy our way of life if politicians have their way.
The Global Warming Monster will destroy our way of life if politicians have their way.

A lot of liberals like to laugh at many conservatives that are creationists.  They do so using science and history. 

Most of us, whether conservative or liberal, realize that planet Earth is very old, probably 4.5 Billion years old, and we have countless examples that point to this fact.

At the least, through fossils and carbon dating, we know that dinosaurs were here as recently as 65 million years ago. 

We also know that there have been many cycles of warming and cooling throughout world history, long before civilization took root with the advent of agriculture. 

On average, as ice age occurs every 10,000 year.  If civilized man has only been around for some 8-10 thousand years, what caused these major fluctuations in global climate?

It certainly wasn't man.

But that is what a lot of global liberals want you to believe.

Within these major climate ages, small ages occur as well.  Where is the liberal love of science and data on that subject?

When you think of the middle ages, the times of Robin Hood and the Magna Carta, we get an image of a warm England.

According the Brian Fagan, the author of the "The Great Warming", England was so warm at the time, that they rivaled France in wine production and it's quality was just as good.

Think now of the time of the American Revolution.  Those of us who have studied our history, have images of brutally cold temperatures and patriots freezing at Valley Forge.  What caused the "little ice age".  It probably wasn't man either, as the Industrial Revolution was just beginning. 

What did man do in those few centuries that ended a warming period so great that it ushered in the Renaissance and led to the Little Ice Age that gripped much of American and 'Europe. 

Nothing.  Planet Earth moves through cycles, always striving to retain homeostasis. 

Does man impact climate as much as the green freaks would like us to believe?  No.

Global Terrorism

So why the push for less productivity via green initiatives? 

Perhaps it's white, European guilt. 

The monster of global warming was created to scare the world into believing that we might destroy our planet if we don't take drastic measures to change our technological ways. 

Through technology and pollution, some nations have risen to unprecedented heights.  Those who haven't had the resources or the funding to embrace technology and industry have fallen behind, and many liberal elitists feel bad about this and want to help others catch up by slowing down the abilities of rich nations.  They want to level the playing field.

They want to "spread the wealth around", as President Obama told Joe the Plumber.

Perhaps it is a global conspiracy to slowly erode the the Superpower that is the United States of America. 

Why else would supposed scientists, fudge the numbers regarding climate data, as evident in climategate.  To put a fear grip on the world's leaders and children to buy into the notion that productivity is bad.  Maybe it's Socialism trying to destory Capitalism. 

World leaders who wish to do us harm, know that they cannot destroy America militarily.  A good enemy knows how to destroy through deception rather than bloodshed. 

We are fighting a war against terrorism.  Maybe the most powerful terrorists aren't attacking us from the middle east, but from within our own shores and in the supposed labs of a liberal Europe jealous of our standard of living.

How come the entire world is supposed to become green, and yet elitists who know better than us travel to Copenhagen, and to work each day, in private jets, big limos and SUV's?  It is such hypocrisy.

Al Gore, how many Polar Bears have you killed through your mansion who's carbon footprint is 10 times larger than the average American?

Historical Cycles Should Be Feared, not Greenhouse Gases

For years since I've taken meteorology classes, which is a science still in it's infancy, I've been confused by all the global warming claims by politicians and liberals that laugh at my scientific approach.  Have they been brainwashed into fearing a monster that might not exist, like the monster in "Lord of the Flies"?

I fear things that exist through evidence.

Based on historical cycles, I'm more fearful of the next Ice Age approaching rather than global warming.  As stated earlier, ice age's on average, occur every 10,000 years; we are due for one.

If the Little Ice Age ended about 1850, perhaps we are in a Little Warming Period, like that which occurred 1000 years ago and that is the reason for the supposed increase in the global temperature.

That sounds more plausible than a century of pollution. 

Don't get me wrong, as a good Christian, I take care of my environment and try to make it better than how I found it. 

The ways in which I go green aren't done so solely to save the planet.  I go green for efficiency.  I'm efficient because, as a Conservative, I like to keep my money in my pocket.  That is why I still drive a 10 year old manual transmission car that gets about 40 mpg on the highway.

Hopefully we'll move away from using renewable resources, but we aren't even close to doing so while maintaining our way of life.  It's too expensive.  Think of the poor trying to be green, it's not possible now, but hopefully someday.

Today, just because I don't want to waste my money on a gas guzzling SUV doesn't mean I should tell others not to do so, and neither should the government. 

This is America, a free country, right? 

Hopefully it will continue to be so for many decades more, where individuals can make their own decisions rather than having initiatives, such as green energy, being rammed down our throats by the government via bad science and fear. 


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