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Is The Fix is in on Amnesty?

If you think passage of the “comprehensive immigration reform” aka amnesty is dead for this session of Congress, RedStates's Erick Erickson today reports otherwise. Erickson reports today in his RedState column that House Speaker John Boehner has hired a staff member named Rebecca Tallent. He notes that Tallent has worked for a progressive Democrat/RINO leaning think tank called The Bipartisan Policy Center (BPC). Erickson describes her as a “serious amnesty advocate” and notes that she worked on the issue in the past, working for John McCain and Ted Kennedy.

BPC's own website confirms Erickson's characterization of Rebecca Tallent, announcing, “Today, the Bipartisan Policy Center (BPC) announced that its director of immigration policy, Rebecca Tallent, will be joining the office of Speaker John Boehner to work on immigration reform in the U.S. House of Representatives. Tallent will start in the Speaker's office tomorrow, December 4.”

It is clear from reading that press release at the BPC website that Erick Erickson is right. By hiring a prominent advocate of amnesty who is affiliated with an allegedly “bipartisan” group, one that is bipartisan because it was founded by progressive Democrats and progressive Republicans that many call Republicans In Name Only (RINOs), it is clear that the speaker's office has a goal of passing “comprehensive immigration reform” (amnesty) into law.

Erickson, in his column today, advances an interesting theory. Keep in mind, if the Speaker announced today he wanted the House to pass amnesty, it would ignite a near civil war in the GOP and inspire primary challenges against any GOP incumbent in the House believed to favor amnesty. Boehner himself is already facing a solid primary challenge from a Tea Party affiliated candidate named J.D. Winteregg.

Erickson's scenario is, that knowing that advancing amnesty now or soon in the House would lead to many incumbent Republicans facing primary challenges, Boehner in the leadership will wait until some time next year after the deadline for filing to run in primaries in most states have passed, and then they will begin to advance amnesty in the House. They will take conservative support for granted and push amnesty even though they know conservatives are strongly opposed.

“The only way conservatives can stop this from happening now is to line up primary challenges early. In Texas, the period to challenge ends very shortly. Same goes for other states. If conservatives do not find credible, quality challengers ASAP, we’ll see amnesty steam roll through once the threat of the primaries is passed,” Erickson wrote today in his column.

Republicans make the mistake of taking their base for granted, and assuming those voters will still vote Republican no matter how many times they vote on issues in opposition to stated party principles on those issues. They quickly forget the millions of conservative voters who stayed home on election day in 2012 and allowed Mitt Romney to be defeated by Barack Obama.

On this, Erickson wrote, “The Republicans are so convinced you will turn out and vote for them in 2014 to spite Obama, they are perfectly happy to screw you over in this fight knowing how cheap a date the conservative movement has become.”

In other words, the Republican politicians elected to public office will betray the public once again, and vote for the interests of the Ruling Class of Washington D.C. over those of the Country Class. Amnesty is all about cheap votes for Democrats and cheap labor for the big business allies of RINO Republicans, and the rest of us getting shafted.

Erickson sums it up, writing at the end of his article today, “BOHICA kids, BOHICA.” I'll let you visit Google to find out that means if you don't already know.

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