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Is the evilbible website reliable?

Is the evilbible website reliable?
Fair use, to illustrate article's context.

A few years ago, I set up an email alert for anything published on the world wide web pertaining to the website evilbible. A few people had gotten to work considering its contents and writing detailed replies (see list of sources at the end of this article). This appears to have had an impact as the returns from that alter system have gone steadily down to virtually zero.

The returns that come in anymore are circa 49.5% from someone who is still dissecting/discrediting evilbible, 49.5% from a CNN website/blog troll who looks for any and every article on religion aka Christianity and posts a canned comment to the effect of evilbible has the truth. The other 1% are alerts to occasional mentions such as we will consider here from

The Yahoo Q&A system is just that; anyone can ask anything and anyone can answer, regardless of how lacking in substance their replies may be.

Having written very detailed responses to the contents of, replying to whole pages of theirs point by point and line by line, well, one this is certain; it is no wonder why its author refuses to debate the issues raised therein.

Now, considering that Atheism is an anti-Christian support group it is little wonder why, at least in its heyday, was viewed by Atheists as, well, inspired. After all, at least so the reason, it just quotes the Bible. These are, likely, the same people who believe that Adolf Hitler was a Christian because he quoted the Bible—apparently it is reasonable that the world’s most infamous anti-Semite worshipped a Jewish man as his Lord, God and Savior, go figure!

Here is the question posted to AU. Answers Yahoo:

Is giving real verses from the bible?

I've been interested in learning about Christianity (for fun) and came across this website that says many vicious verses from the bible are these verses authentic

When I searched them on the Internet they said they were authentic

If these are authentic I'm glad I'm not a Christian

If you find a white supremacist that claims that “Jews have horns” you can search that claim on the internet and find affirming statement which would authenticate the claim—so what?

One reply stated:

The verses are real, but Christians are going to say the website is taking them out of context.

What if they are out of context, are we then not allowed to state it? If you claim that something is out of context, be prepared to prove it.

Well, my reply reads as follows:

What evilbible is doing is to make an assertion (such as "this is what you are about to read"), the quoting fragments of texts (making them uncotextual) and then telling you what you are supposed to get out of them (such as "see, told you so" it only means what we say I meant).

It really is a very, very, very poor source of "info" and it is no wonder why its author refuses to debate the issues he raises.

Large portions of have been considered, dissected and declared fallacious on very many levels.

Two examples of this fact are as follows:

Whilst besmirching the Bible for allegedly commanding rape, for some odd reason, neglects to mention the most relevant biblical text related to the biblical view of and law about rape. Why this omission? Who knows, but it would certainly have gotten in the way of a good session of emotive expression of prejudice-it would have discredited to reference this most important text. Indeed, those annoying little facts have an annoying way of getting in the way of good fallacious assertions.

Whilst besmirching the Bible for allegedly commanding human sacrifice, for some odd reason, neglects to mention that the Bible does not command but condemns human sacrifice., for some odd reason, neglects to mention that when the Bible reports that human sacrifices did take place they were carried out by Gentile Pagans who were not worshiping the God of the Bible but various false gods. When "Jews" were performing human sacrifices it was only when they turned away from the God of the Bible and joined Gentile Pagans in worshiping various false gods. Yet, in typical militant activist atheist fashion, does not condemn Gentile Pagans but only condemns the Jews.

Two replies read thusly:

Yes. They're real. You can just pop the verses into google and see that they also appear on biblegateway.

And that's just a small sampling of the nasty stuff that appears in the bible.

Yep there authentic, its an evil religion.

This is indicative of many who hate Christianity and love; they rain down brimstone and fire, they condemn, without providing, first, a premise upon which to base their condemnation. They are merely reacting emotionally.

Moreover, note that the question was about the Bible and the replies focus on besmirching Christianity and yet 3/4 of the Bible is the Jewish holy book(s). More evidence that Atheism is an anti-Christian support group.

Other comments read (these are three quoted in whole):

Yes, those are actual quotes from the Bible.

Great website! i like it. And factually correct (largely) too!

Yea, they're true.

It is no wonder why the word gullible is not in the dictionary; these folks appear to think that partial, fragmented, verses strung together and sandwiched between assertions are good enough.

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