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Is the Ebola virus too close to home?

Some people are very concerned about the two Americans, who contracted the deadly Ebola virus while doing medical and missionary work over in Africa. The concern is not necessarily focused on the recovery of the two victims, but the major questions that people are asking this author is, “What about us?” “What about an Outbreak?” “What should have been done?”

Map from the World Health Organization.Victims of the Ebola virus.
Would you be willing to place your life above your families?
/ Khq

The Center for Disease Control, in Atlanta Georgia, confirms that they have everything under control. The agency says that there is no concern that the Ebola disease will spread here in the US, yet there have been recent scares since the first victim returned (see Patrick Sawyer below).

As stated above, a selfish thought that befalls some people is “Why are these two people subjecting us to the Ebola virus by coming back home?” My question to you is, “What if it were one of your relatives. Would you feel that the victims should have stayed in Africa?”

Some have told me that they would sacrifice themselves from advanced medical care & being close to their loved ones instead of possibly jeopardizing millions of lives. Put yourself in the victim’s shoes. Would you take the chance of possibly infecting your loved-ones to be brought back to the states for treatment?

Back in Biblical times, there was a similar outbreak in the land; that disease was ‘leprosy’. This was also a malady that was contracted by contact. Just like Ebola, it is not airborne (as in the movie). Sure leprosy patients were sent ot a colony to suffer and die, nonetheless, we are living in a different era and the CDC has a contained environment to keep the plague from spreading. Take note that the CDC has hundreds of other diseases that are under its roof.

This author has close relatives and friends who live in Atlanta Georgia, and we are always concerned about their safety; yet, we trust God, and modern medicine, to help others who need our assistance, concern and love. As for me and my house, we’re going to keep our faith in God! If you have Him, then there is NO FEAR!

Victim’s history: Patrick Sawyer, financial advisor for the Liberian government, husband and father, was on his way back to the US before he died from the Ebola virus. Dr. Kent Brantly was the first American victim that has come to ATL for drug treatment, followed by Nancy Writebol.

What would you do if it were someone you knew that contracted Ebola? You may want to check all the information on Ebola Here before you give your answer.

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