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Is 'The Division' on PC delaying the development of its PS4 & Xbox One versions?

Excited for The Division?
Excited for The Division?

The Division first started out as a game that would be coming to the PS4 and Xbox One only, but fans made enough noise and a strong case for the game to also hit PCs that Ubisoft ended up deciding to bring the title to that platform.

Recently, Massive Entertainment's managing director David Polfeldt discussed the impact the E3 reveal had on the entire team at Massive, as well as the decision to bring The Division to PCs.

"We didn't know how good the game was or if some of our choices were right, and when we were allowed to announce it at E3, we finally got confirmation that some things worked, and some things worked a lot better than we imagined.

"Some things nobody noticed, apparently, they were not as important as we thought, but the feedback was tremendously important. I think that the team really really needed a huge vitamin injection of external feedback because we had come to the end of what we could make up on our own.

"The context provided us with a lot of interesting feedback, and definitely, right now is a phase when we can react to feedback and can listen to what people say.

"I think the PC announcement we made was a great example where we thought 'we have no time for PC, it's not important enough, let's try not to do it,' but everywhere we went, people were saying, 'great game, but you have to do PC.'

"We realized they are right, we have to. So we built that into our dev plans, it's not going to make it any easier, but for sure, it's a good reaction from the fans and I hope we'll have more as we move forward," Polfeldt said.

The right type of feedback is valuable for any profession, and surely Massive Entertainment developers have been washing themselves in as much as they can find lately. From all accounts though, consumers seem very, very excited about what The Division has showed off so far.

Something that hasn't been addressed for The Division is the effect bringing the game to PCs will end up costing the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game? As we have heard whispers of a delay being imminent, one could easily infer that a delay is a result of the PC version, if it does end up happening that is.

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