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Is The Devil Is In the Details

Devil in the Details
Devil in the Details
Jeremie Webb

Today’s Torah Commentary from Exodus 28:31-43
The Second Book of the Torah, “Shemot,” “Names.”
This weeks reading is “Tetzaveh,” “You shall command.”

In today's reading we learn more about the requirements for the vestments or clothing of the priests.

There is great detail that goes in to the making of these garments. The colors, designs and purpose are very specific for each piece.

The robe of the high priest is to be of specific color and design. The collar is to have a woven edge so as not to be able to tear.

Just above the hem is a specific design of pomegranates and bells. The bells to be worn so that the priest would be heard going in and out of the sanctuary and not die.

The forehead piece engraved like a signet ring stating sanctification of GOD that serves as a device to compensate for any ritual uncleanness that may have been overlooked in the sacrificial process and animals.

There is even specification that the robes for the other priests are to be made both dignified and beautiful. The details also cover the linen pants that were to be worn under the robes to "cover their nakedness" while performing their duties.

And everything is to be anointed and then put into service.

There is an old phrase that states "The Devil is In the Details". It basically means that if we get too carried away looking at and worrying about the details and how everything will work out, we lose sight of the big picture and then neglect to move forward in the purpose set before us... In other words, we get distracted and drop the ball.

It would appear that this passage demonstrates an amazing reality. What if we DON'T worry about the details but leave those up to GOD? HE obviously has a very specific way of doing things and to a very specific purpose and end.

Everything in today's reading speaks to beauty, dignity, and making sure that the tiniest details are covered. Like the forehead piece that is there for the specific purpose of covering or atoning for anything that was accidentally overlooked...

GOD has shown through all of this that HIS design makes sure All of the details are covered, fit together, and work together. How amazing is it to think that having all of this covered allows us to concentrate on the big picture... relationship with HIM and with those around us?

Even the details HE covers are designed with dignity and beauty and influence. So how do we live our lives each day? How can we let HIM be the GOD of the details and robe us in dignity and beauty while we are about HIS business by taking care of the big picture of being in relationship with HIM and with others? Are we willing to LET HIM take care of the details so we can walk in the dignity and beauty that is our calling?

It is interesting also to consider that all of these details had to be carried out or the priests would die because it was seen as a sin. So the reality of the truth is that if we Do Not place HIM in our lives as the GOD of the details and follow what HE has set up for us to be able to operate in dignity, beauty, relationship and influence, we are in sin. The consequence of sin is death.

Would we rather walk in dignity, beauty and relationship... or sin?

What are your thoughts on this? Please leave your comments below or if you have questions, click over to the Ask The Rabbi Forum HERE.

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