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Is the Christian Bible reliable?

Theological and Archaeological references and resources have been culled and organized for a more detailed analysis of The Bible’s authenticity.

The Archaeological account of the Holy Scripture is an astounding one: thousands of manuscripts, artifacts, museums and many scientists believe in a Creator. The links outlined below represent a fraction of the resources available for research, investigation and study:

Bible Places

The Archaeological Study Bible by Zondervan

The Egyptian Museum

The Jordan Archaeological Museum
boasts an excellent collection of antiquities ranging from prehistoric times to the 15th century, including an exhibit of the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Vatican Museums

The Language of God: A Scientist Presents Evidence for Belief
written by pre-eminent scientist Francis S. Collins former head of the Genome project.

“A.D.” (1985) (mini)

The Ten Commandments (1923)
Dir. Cecil B. DeMille

The scientific record is an important one. Dogmatic Theology answers objections from philosophy and other sciences. When the church puts forth Dogmatic Theology it proves its doctrines of the Church from Scripture and tradition, illustrates them by suitable comparisons, and shows that they are in harmony with reason. Faith and Reason in understanding God’s revelation of revealed truth in the Holy Scripture was propounded in the Constitution Dei Filius of Vatican Council I.

Modern forms of rationalism have typically held that at the core of the mythological ideas taught in Christian revelation (creation, incarnation, redemption and the like) there lie the basic natural truths of religion and morality accessible to human reason and sufficient to guide persons in their relations with God and with each other.

But the knowledge of the economy of salvation — the divine invitation to loving unity and the divine action that enables it — comes only in God’s disclosure of His purposes in the revelation proclaimed by Christ and entrusted to the Apostles and the Church.

If you would like more information on faith, the church and what Catholics believe about the Bible visit Fr. Robert Barron’s YouTube Channel:…

Dogmatic Constitution on Divine Revelation -Dei Verbum…

YouTube - The Vatican Channel:

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