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Is that woodpecker sending Morse code for "I love you, signed God"?

Early in the morning near Evergreen, you can hear woodpeckers busily working to find breakfast. As the sound of tapping echos through the trees and meadows, it looks and sounds as if there is a "live" commentary on the scenery going on. With background music provided by the breeze in the pines, the tapping leads you through looking at trees, the sky, the earth, and any other feathered messengers.

Almighty Creator

Almighty Creator, it is you who have made

the land and the sea...

The world cannot comprehend in song

bright and melodious,

even though the grass and trees should sing,

all your wonders, O true Lord!

Old Welch

Greet the sounds of nature as part of the continual conversation with God, the love song that you need to hear and be nourished by as you go through your day. And in return, do not cease your song back to nature and the creator of all.


  • Michelle Cole 5 years ago

    I so enjoy reading your articles, I love your descriptions of nature & how they blend so perfectly with spirituality.

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