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Is that necessary?

This should be mandatory
This should be mandatory
Rethink Church

Why, in our communications whether it be verbal, texting or just simple conversation do we have to be insulting, defensive and demeaning sometimes without thinking. It just isn't necessary!

When someone compliments us on our wardrobe, can't we just say thank you. Can't the compliment be just that, a compliment. So many words are added to insinuate an ulterior motive and that isn't necessary. For example,while at work, a colleague makes a comment to another: are all dressed up......... going on an interview?
Thank you this outfit is sooooooooo old.

Can't we take periods literally; without the after thought?

Or the customer kindly tells the waitress that the cappuccino is runny and could they have a cup of regular coffee instead. Rather than say ok, the waitress comments that the last customer she sold it to didn't have any complaints. just isn't necessary.

And what about using the word broke the are always must have misunderstood. Why is it always about the other guy/gal? Can't we just call the plumber, plan a few minutes more in our schedule, remind others more than once if their memory gets the best of them, and recognize that our communication skills are less than perfect too.

I always ask others if that makes sense and many hate that question.....thinking that I am questioning their intelligence. But I know that my stories can be all over the place like this one so I just want to make sure my dialogue is clear.

What about slamming doors to get our mates attention because we want attention and when asked what is wrong, we whisper nothing as we throw the microwave through the window. Is that necessary? What happened to "can we talk".

And we build our own talents by criticizing others even though it is not personal. It is always personal. She is very charismatic, she works well with others, but she doesn't have years of small business experience. I have owned a business since......Great lessons can be learned when owning a business whether it failed or not but can't we just leave her alone; entrenched in her own amazing qualities.

Well, you know, you are just like me. No, even though we may have similar experiences and personality traits, we are all individual. And it is a team of diversity in wisdom and talent that makes the difference. Repeatedly expressed over decades of leadership advice, it is about the team and how powerful they can be.

Maya Angelou suggested trying to be a rainbow in someone's cloud. Now, that should be mandatory.

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