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'Is that all you got' Week in Review!

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Why didn’t John Cena and Roman Reigns help Dean Ambrose on Monday Night Raw? That's not playing the Superman part correctly. “Is that all you got”, Dean Ambrose, thank you! Ambrose vs Rollins is shipping up to be a great feud, but why are we getting this match this weekend and not at SummerSlam? And why are we getting Jericho vs Wyatt at Battleground instead of a tag team. Okay, lets save that for the battleground preview and jump right into this past week!

  • 7-14-14-- It was what we expected and predicted:Sting is coming…to WWE 2K15! Again, our big hopes got the better of us here but it is a start! Last year, the Ultimate Warrior had the same role with his character on the game and that led to the Hall of Fame induction. This is the first time Sting has done anything with WWE and hopefully we can get the most out of it with DVD’s, Hall of Fame, and a match or two!
  • Fandango-- On Raw, Johnny Curtis (Fandango) is getting t.v time with the love triangle (the ever so generic storyline, except this one has Curtis doing some spectacular dancing) with Layla and Summer Rae. I don’t think this leads to him winning the Intercontinental Battle Royal at the PPV Sunday, but hopefully this starts him on the right path. He is too good of a talent to not be able to get the IC belt and run with it.
  • US Title/IC Title-- I’m not big on Sheamus, but I like him a lot more recently than ever before. He’s added the cloverleaf submission (one of my favorites, and it is fitting….cloverleaf…Sheamus) and since the WWE World Title is full of players, he has took the U.S title and made it more relevant than it has been in a very long time. You have to like a main event guy going after any title available. That is what is best for business.
  • Cody Rhodes-- Still lame. It does not appear that I am supposed to like this guy at all. They just babble about nothing. If I had my druthers, he’d be wrestling in a 6 sided ring where I woulnd’t see him on my television (you have to change a lot more than that TNA).
  • WWE Battleground Pay Per View-- This Sunday on the WWE Network is the Battleground pay per view. Fatal Four way for the WWE Heavyweight title (which is being reported that they are finally just sticking with the WWE title instead of both belts), tag team titles, diva match and Ambrose/Rollins grudge match. It is shaping up to be a solid PPV and there are stories online that a next big return will happen shortly after. As a Legend would say, ‘Business is about to pick up’!
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