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Is Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert advocating going to war with Mexico over immigrants?

Republican Rep. Louie Gohmert of Texas says President Obama should send troops into Mexico to stop illegal immigrants. But wouldn't that be an act of war?
U. S. House of Representatives, Wikimedia Commons

There are times when you truly wonder how some people get elected to office. Take, for instance, the case of Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) who this week stated on a radio show that President Obama should send U. S. military forces into Mexico to keep illegal immigrants out of the United States.

The Raw Story reported July 8 that Rep. Louie Gohmert, appearing on the The News Hour, told host Dan Maduri that President Obama was responsible for the wave of immigrants pouring into the U. S. of late.

“If he wanted to, he could do what Woodrow Wilson did — and he’s certainly not one of my favorite presidents,” Gohmert told Maduri on Tuesday. “But after Pancho Villa’s gangs came across, I believe in Arizona, and killed some American families, he said, ‘That’s it.’ He sent John Pershing with troops into Mexico. And you can read some different versions. Tens of thousands of National Guard were put on the border. And Dan, nobody came in that we didn’t want to come in.”

Of course, not any of this hyperbole is true, except that Pancho Villa did enter the U. S. (but in New Mexico) and General Pershing was dispatched to deal with the incursion. But it didn't stop immigration, illegal or otherwise. (And the reason Wilson isn't one of his favorite presidents? Why, he formulated the League of Nations, which became the United Nations, that monstrous New World Order leviathan that Gohmert and those like him insinuate that liberal politicians secretly bow to and work for.)

Besides, Pershing's mission was pretty much a failure. He chased Pancho Villa around northern Mexico for about a year without much to show for it.

But here's the thing: If the United States were to attempt such a radical move on the border and actually invade Mexico, it would be tantamount to declaring war against the sovereign nation of Mexico. It is doubtful that the Mexican government would allow such an act of aggression to go unanswered.

Rep. Gohmert wasn't satisfied with just advocating an act of war against our southern neighbor. He had other things to say about the immigration situation he says plagues the United States. He attacked the Obama administration over the young immigrants that have been captured and detained in recent months -- even though the administration stated the day before Gohmert went on the talk show and stated the young immigrants in the country illegally would not be able to stay in the U. S. Gohmert also conveniently left out the fact that most of those immigrants weren't Mexican nationals at all but young people from El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras.

Louie Gohmert also pulled a Bachmann (passing on unsubstantiated claims others say as true, such as getting one's child inoculated with the HPV vaccine causes mental retardation) during the interview. He said he heard from an unidentified border patrolmen that there had been spotted persons entering the U. S. from “countries in which radical Islamic terrorism exists.”

And he said that the radical terrorist traffic into the U. S. across the border with Mexico was "increasing."

“Are you saying that terrorists are now coming into this country through this surge of illegal immigrants?” Maduri asked him pointedly.

“I’m telling you what the border patrolmen tell me,” Gohmert hedged with the skill of an urban myth-maker. “That we have more people than ever coming from countries that have radical Islamic terrorism coming in. I can’t tell you that they’re terrorists because they’re not being stopped.”

Many will remember Rep. Gohmert as one of the trio of Republican ambassadors of ignorance -- Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota and Sen. Steve King of Iowa being the other two -- that went to the Middle East in December and virtually made American politicians the laughingstock of the entire world with their condescending hubris and complete lack of diplomatic and historic acumen.

He's also one of the frontmen for the "terror babies" ridiculousness, an extreme extrapolation of the "anchor babies" argument against allowing the children of immigrants born in the U. S. become American citizens at birth, that some on the far Right attempted to push in 2010. CNN's Anderson Cooper took him to task for his far-fetched stretching of not only credulity but immigration law as it actually stands.

Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart are forever lampooning the guy.

And with his latest, they're certain to go after him at least one more time...

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