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Is technology making our lives more convenient or has it just taken over us?

Secure document platform: Docusign wins AlwaysOn Top Company
Secure document platform: Docusign wins AlwaysOn Top Company

The average person spends about twelve hours a day in front of a screen, be it a TV, computer, or mobile device (According to PGi infographic), which is more than the recommended sleep time!

At the AlwaysOn OnDemand conference last week, attendees cast their preferences in a series of polls. When it comes to social media, 5% of the conference goers voted to be invisible, with little or no online exposure on all types of social media. 28% preferred to be rock-star social media consumers and being connected most of their awake hours. 68% preferred to use LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter for interests with friends and family.

Should our society be apprehensive with the connected on-screen behavior? Ultimately, the concern is not the technology per say, but how is technology used at business, leisure and at the home environment.

Data Security and privacy are a hot topic nowadays. In five years from now, will our cyber world be more secure or less? It is expected to have more identity thefts and government security breaches. Based on tools and what we know today about technology, 59% of conference attendees voted the 'likelihood of having a less secure environment in a few years', where security concerns will continue to rise. 32% thought security breaches will stay about the same, however 10% predicted having demonstratively less security breaches, both in business and government.

The Global Silicon Valley, success stories and the enablers

It’s not news that technology disruptions have changed our lives. In recent years, Software-as-a-service (SaaS) and cloud infrastructure have become mainstream. Software and system developers create more and more applications on these platforms, while data security and 'safe' transmission have been stepping up. New apps handle huge volumes of data, process information, manage financial transactions, process energy metering, and more. At the enterprise and mid-size companies, there is a movement of technology utilization from the desktop to the connected cloud with global networks. Every year, AlwaysOn Networks evaluates and selects the 100 Top Private Companies and Power Players in On-Demand computing.

The top 100 on demand private companies for 2014 can be found here.

DocuSign Named OnDemand 100 Company of the Year

DocuSign provides a secure online document transaction and collaboration environment. The company has already gained momentum among diverse markets: from enterprise and corporate to individuals. It is used in all types of applications, from real estate transactions, to financials, or any private and secure document exchange for any entity. Their already strong market position is estimated to rise.
Who are the Top 50 companies to watch for in SaaS, cloud and on-demand solutions?

This year, the AlwaysOn editorial team has identified 50 promising and early-stage financial backing companies in cloud infrastructure, on-demand, and SaaS. The companies were selected from a wide range of sectors, such as cloud infrastructure, business tools, consumer applications, platform-as-a-service, big data analytics, e-commerce, social media, and more.

The Top 50 companies to watch for are here: The-2014-OnDemand-50-Companies-to-Watch.

The AlwaysOn team also selects ‘Power Players in On-Demand Computing’ listing the most influential people in the banking, investment, legal, academic, government, and accounting who support the on-demand startups, entrepreneurs, as well as related incubation and acceleration programs. The focused sectors are cloud infrastructure, SaaS, and on-demand software. According to AlwaysOn, the selected individuals and their companies are the enablers to creating strong on-demand companies that are building forward-thinking, breakthrough products and services.

The Power Players in On-Demand Computing are leaders and experts come from several categories and is found here: The-2014-Power-Players-On-Demand-Computing.


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