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Is suspended animation technique modern day fountain of youth?

Suspended Animation may one day keep space travelers alive
Suspended Animation may one day keep space travelers alive
photo Credit - Wiki-Commons

In the early 1980’s singer Irene Cara came out with a smash hit, ‘Fame, I gonna live forever! Well according to Extreme Tech that eternal desire than perhaps hundreds of thousands have envisioned for ages may just be around the corner with a new suspended animation technique being developed by researchers. Being kept between life and death may soon become a reality.

Just imagine you are being rushed to the hospital with a massive loss of blood due to a catastrophic accident and your body has suffered traumatic injuries. With your life on the line would you want to be placed into suspended animation until you could safely be brought ‘back to life’? Of course many may be inclined to say yes or perhaps maybe. In effect this is real life sci-fi stuff and it has already been tried successfully on pigs.

Just as in most science fiction movies doctors would replace your blood with a saline solution which will be used to cool your body down to approximately 10 Celsius. The pig was clinically dead and then revived with no cognitive or physical impairment, reported Extreme Tech. Now comes the real test on humans.

The one step into the future will begin at a Pittsburgh hospital where a patient who has a traumatic injury and all attempts to revive the patient fails, will then be placed in a state of suspended animation. The patient will in effect be dead and then the race against time begins, because under the still developing techniques doctors will have to repair the injury within hours in order to bring the person back to life.

Of course these suspended animation techniques have an array of uses from keeping interstellar astronauts in suspended animation on prolonged interstellar space missions to placing people with incurable disease in a pod for years or decades until a cure is found.

Would you want to be a candidate to try this technique if it could keep you alive forever and is that something that should be tried? The step into the future has begun and perhaps new suspended animation techniques will keep humans alive forever.

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