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Is Suicide an Easy Way out or Something Else?

After an hours-long standoff with police an armed man decided to take his own life inside a La Crescenta Verizon Store in California. He decided to barricade himself inside after robbing a Rite Aid store inside the same mall. Everyone was evacuated out of the mall before the incident happened. Police notified the public that the mall will be closed until further notice. More than likely to investigate what motivated this individual to decide his gruesome end.

Drug Trafficing
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So, what do you think runs through a man or woman's mind before they decide to rob a small convenience store and starts to feel trapped. Most do not usually consider ending their lives, unless something serious may be going on in their lives in most cases. What is also interesting is that it was by their own hands, not death by cop.

But, lets read into the story a bit further shall we? One Rite Aid witness explains she saw that the Pharmacy was robbed and the poor Pharmacist was shaking.... the man robbed them for drugs.

Well, that pretty much sums up a lot of the issue, but of course the baseline of why this person was driven to that point is sure to be investigated further. Were the drugs for him, to sell for money or both. This situations always end up messy in some way sadly.

So, what is the point I am trying to get across for people who live in the St. Cloud and surrounding areas? Do you take prescription drugs, or are finished with them? What is the best way to get rid of them safely around here anyway?

The St. Cloud Police Department is always more than willing to take in any unused medications in order for them to be disposed of properly. By using their medication drop off program we can also keep our drinking water drug free. We really do not need more hormones etc. polluting up the ol' Mississippi further now do we.

By Tina Elliott

LA Times

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