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Is sugar your cocaine?

I'd like some crack co-cake please
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Could the side effects or addictions of sugar be compared to drugs? There certainly has been some research to suggest that sugar can be more addictive than cocaine.

The University of Bordeaux performed a study on rats entitled "Intense Sweetness Surpasses Cocaine Reward". They gave them the choice between sugar water or cocaine. A majority of them, 94%, chose sugar water.

Of course, drugs are harmful and we have all been told to "don't do drugs". Most of us don't see sugar as a danger. It is promoted in advertisements and lines the shelves of every store. We use it as a reward to both ourselves and children.

Unfortunately, most of us are in such a big hurry that we often find ourselves grabbing the most convenient food to get us through until the next meal. The ingredients in these convenience, pre-packaged foods are mostly filled with sugar and void of any real nutrition, vitamins, minerals, or fiber. Sugar is also hidden in everything--even in foods you wouldn't think--like ketchup or salad dressings.

Just 200 years ago, our ancestors were not even consuming in a year close to what we consume in a day! Perhaps this is the just one of the causes of diabetes, heart disease, and obesity in America.

We need a wake up call to realize the seriousness of how sugar effects us, both short and long term.

The first step to overcoming any addiction is realizing it is a problem. Just by creating awareness you will begin to notice it's effect in your life so you can make different choices. You can also get support from others by either joining a group or seeking out a nutritionist or a counselor.

The next two articles will be regarding the serious side effects of sugar as well as advice on how to take action by making healthier choices to reduce the amount of processed sugars in your diet.


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