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Is Subway Jared dead? Death hoax hits Twitter, hashtag goes viral

Jarod Fogle
Jarod Fogle
Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Subway Jared is not dead despite what you might be reading on social media. According to Gossip Cop, Jared Fogle (better known as "The Subway Guy") has fallen victim -- yet again -- to an Internet death hoax. While this certainly isn't the first time that Jared has been proclaimed dead by social media, the trend shot to the top five of the United States trends list, thus making people wonder if the rumors were true.

As with most Twitter trends, the more people tweet using a given hashtag, the more the longer the trend stays active. With people just tweeting their condolences about Jarod with the hashtag #RIPSubwayJared, no one is reading the facts or getting the story straight. If they did, they'd find out the truth.

Subway Jared isn't dead but he made himself a great target. Celebrities and other famous entities who aren't active on social media for a long period of time often become victims of death hoaxes. Accordingly, Jared Fogle hasn't tweeted since April 29 -- and while that might not be a long time to you, a lot can happen in six days, especially on the Internet.

According to The Epoch Times, it's unclear exactly how the rumors started. While people are catching on to the fact that they've been duped (or almost duped) by yet another celebrity death hoax, some are still quite certain that Jared Fogle has passed away. As with any news of this nature, using social media as your primary source isn't smart. A simple internet search will give you the answers that you need.

If Subway Jared did die in some sort of freak accident, that would be breaking news on all different sites from TMZ to FOX News. Fortunately, there isn't any bad news attached to this story and hopefully the hashtag will quietly go away before more people are tricked into believing the death hoax. Jared Fogle hasn't commented on his alleged death yet.