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Is sports modern day slavery

We made want to hide or ignore the notion that sports in our modern world, especially here in America is modern day institutionalized slavery, and something many of our young athletes who make it professional are unaware of or just in denial of. You take a young African American athlete for instance, from an inner city environment who may not have had much his entire life and suddenly disburse millions of dollars in that individual possession and expect them to be successful and manage that instant financial wealth is a recipe for disaster, mentally, and financially. Striving for athletic and financial excellence, being able to get one’s family out of poverty is a blessing and grateful opportunity but yet our young African American athletes need financial guidance and role models. The number of athletes that have matriculated through the NBA, NFL, and MLB ranks over the years is vast. Many of which, have been giving millions right out of high school or college and yet, now have nothing to show for it, only cars, homes, and material things they have had to sell to sustain themselves, after so many have had to file for bankruptcy, pretty much ending back in the same poverty stricken environment they once grew up in.

Sports is modern day slavery
Sports is modern day slavery
Athletics is still slavery

Recently, days ago, Clippers Owner Donald Sterling comments and racist remarks became a clear cut example of the farm like system of breeding African American Athletes for financial gains by these league owners and teams. Across the world of professional sports, the concept which is unspoken of, is what have you done for me lately, in that the turnover rate for these athletes are really high, one not being able to sustain a career, if injuries or run in with the law surfaces while playing for their perspective teams. The joke-full saying for the NFL, “the Not For Long” league applies for all other sports league, just as the same applied for slavery back in the day, in that when a slave was of no value, they were either traded to a lesser owner or let go, or maybe even murdered. Murder is not the case with professional sports but instead, these athletes are thrown to the way side once their production for the team seizes. For an owner to speak of a legend, Magic Johnson, or any African American as he did on the phone call to his girlfriend is just to remind us all of the world and society we still live in. African Americans are still not given any respect, in that we have come up with so many of the world inventions, mathematics, heart surgery, etc. and our athletic prowess. To say the least, we must rise and shine as a world and nation, continuing to strive, putting an immediate end to bigotry, and hatred for people of all creed and race, only judging people by the content of their character not their darn skin completion and race.