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Is Thomas Ravenel of 'Southern Charm' dating Kathryn Dennis?

Is ‘Southern Charm’ star Thomas Ravenel dating Kathryn Dennis?
Is ‘Southern Charm’ star Thomas Ravenel dating Kathryn Dennis?
Bravo TV - used with permission

Thomas Ravenel has been told by more than one person that he needs to get married and have a family. Ravenel is considering another run for public office and one of his advisor’s thinks Kathryn Dennis would make the perfect wife and mother.

Is ‘Southern Charm’ star Thomas Ravenel dating Kathryn Dennis? used with permission

Ravenel may have had Danni Baird in mind when he began thinking about marriage this season on “Southern Charm”, but a clip from the Monday, March 17 episode shows that another lady may have stepped into Thomas Ravenel’s heart. Are Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn Dennis dating?

Kathryn Dennis has been described as a “scion of two prominent Charleston families” and appears to be the object of three of “Southern Charm” male cast member’s affection. Last week Shep Rose “hooked up” with Kathryn, much to the dismay of friend and cast member Craig Conover. But Kathryn and Thomas Ravenel had already spent an evening together during the “Southern Charm” premiere.

Are Thomas Ravenel, 51, and the 20-something Kathryn Dennis dating? Once the show finished taping, what happened to the couple? On Twitter fans have been speculating whether the two are together or not. According to information from sources, it appears that the dashing and charming Thomas Ravenel and the beautiful red-haired Kathryn Dennis are indeed dating and not really keeping it a secret from anyone.

Watch “Southern Charm” Monday, March 17 at 10 p.m. on Bravo to see Kathryn confront Thomas about their night together and what may, or may not, have happened.

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