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Is “Son of God” relevant for a new millennial generation?

Jesus in Son of God
Jesus in Son of God

The “Son of God” movie opened in theatre’s across the country and blows away expectations with $26 million at the box office this weekend. Many who are seeing the movie are "believers" but is the movie relevant for a new millennial generation who didn't grow up with the Bible story?

The maker of “Son of God” is TV producer Mark Burnett who has produced over 2,400 hours of television which regularly airs in over 70 countries. The millennial generation would be very familiar with his work, and his current TV series are Survivor, The Apprentice, The Voice, Shark Tank, The Sing Off and People’s Choice Awards.

But a new generation is not familiar with the subject of his newest movie called "Son of God." The movie brings to the big screen an epic story from the team that created “The Bible” for cable TV’s History Channel.

Portuguese actor Diogo Morgado plays Jesus as the film covers his birth, teachings, crucifixion, and resurrection. But a new generation isn’t familiar with the story. The makers of the movie wanted to tell the story of this historic figure called Jesus, and be as accurate as they could as it is told in the Bible. A new generation of millennials is not very familiar with the book called the Bible, and this could be an opportunity for them to get an accurate portrayal of this man called Jesus.

Burnett’s wife and producing partner Roma Downey stressed that the film was really created with the intention of detailing the story of Jesus Christ for those who aren’t familiar with it. “If you came to the movie and you didn’t know anything about Jesus you would really get a sense of the journey of his life. It was our job to make sure that the journey emotionally connected with you,” Downey explained.

Many millennials didn’t grow up going to church and have never connected with the story before. The movie "Son of God" could be an opportunity for them to get an accurate image of Jesus, and probably very different from what they grew up hearing about him. Downey went on to say, “So we told the story on the one hand as a political thriller and at the same time, it is a beautiful love story. There is intimacy to it, and we hope that you’re drawn in, that you are emotionally engaged and that you get a sense that you really know who Jesus is.”

Is this movie really relevant to a new generation? The producers of the film have done everything possible to put the events into historical, political and psychological context. Burnett told Newsmax that a new generation who has never heard the story of Jesus will connect with Jesus for the first time by watching the movie on their iPhones. This generation won't be hearing about Jesus by going to church, but they will hear about him on a device they use everyday.

In the story from Newsmax, Conrad Ostwalt, a professor who studies religion and the secularization of popular culture as it pertains to film, literature, music, and art, said "Son of God" “has great potential for success in a society that has become more secularized than ever over the past few decades.”

Is the new Jesus movie relevant for a new millennial generation? “Son of God” could help a new generation connect with Jesus for the first time.

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