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Is 'Son of God' another 'Passion'?

Just in time for the Easter season, new Christian based movie and spin-off from the successful miniseries "The Bible", "Son of God" will be hitting movie theaters tomorrow. Ten years ago "Passion of the Christ" another biblical movie hit theaters with a bang. However "Passion", Mel Gibson's 2004 blockbuster, sparked controversy with the Jewish community citing that the movie had anti-Semitic potential.

Son of God, Passion of the Christ -- Google Images
Son of God, Passion of the Christ -- Google Images

"Son of God", however, has been getting different reviews from that of its predecessor. Anti-Defamation League's Abraham Foxman, who had denounced the 2004 film, gave an endorsement to the new movie. Foxman was a main adversary to "Passion" because of it's depiction of Jews.

"Clearly we were aware of the controversy that had been created around that film," actress and executive producer Roma Downey said in a recent interview. "If everything begins with intention, our heart on 'Son of God' was to find the places that we could bring people together."

Producer Mark Burnett and husband to Downey said that the film was well researched and reached out to many faiths to get the life and story of Jesus.

"It just took a lot of work and a lot of time and a lot of listening over a number of years to see everybody's point of view and how to not take the teeth out of the story — the dynamic drama from the story — but be sensitive across groups," Burnett said. "Because there's very different interpretations across the Catholic faith and the Protestant faith and the Jewish faith."

"Son of God", starring Diogo Morgado is just the first of the biblical based movies coming in 2014. "Noah," starring Russell Crowe, is coming next month, and Ridley Scott's "Exodus," with Christian Bale, is due out in December.