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Is Snoopy Snooping Around the Garbage During the Day?

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How technology can help pet owners care for their furry friends

From Otis to Old Yeller, Benji to Beethoven, Scooby Doo to Snoopy, TV and movies make it clear that people love their dogs.

Let’s face it: Fido is family. In fact, he’s part of over 62 percent of all households in the U.S. He’s often waiting patiently (slobbering in the backseat) on family road trips, sitting (stealing table scraps) next to the kitchen table during family dinners and playing in the backyard (digging holes in the garden) with the kids after school.

No wonder it is a priority for many pet owners (especially if they have a Marley on their hands) to check on their pets while they’re away from the house. Fortunately, Comcast comes to the rescue, like Lassie comes to Timmy, with Comcast’s XFINITY Home.

XFINITY Home offers technology even Astro would be proud of via a broadband and cloud-based platform that provides the next generation of home security while also allowing for 24/7 monitoring of your pet’s well-being, from anywhere at any time.

Comcast customers can access streaming live video of their pets from a computer, tablet or smartphone making it easier to care for pets when on the go.

Other ways XFINITIY Home helps keep loved ones (and things) safe while away from the house:
• Revive text or email alerts when doors at home open and close
• Arm or disarm your security system using your smartphone
• Control lighting, turning lights on while heading home or turn lights off when you’re not at home to conserve energy

To learn more about XFINITY Home go to for information.