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Is Sixth Street all it's cracked up to be?

The street known as 6th in Amarillo has a multitude of interesting shops and eateries to intrigue residents and tourists alike. While the artsy, antique-filled street isn’t always bustling and isn’t always adored, it’s a hidden gem in the eyes of many. Aside from its historic aspect as part of the original Route 66, this quirky street has attracted more and more businesses over the years, giving the street a lovely mix of possibilities for patrons.

Teresa Scott-Traves

A day on Sixth Street could include antiquing at the Sixth Street Antique Mall, Alley Katz Antique Mall, The Mustard Seed Antiques, along with numerous other stores filled with everything from weathered wooden tractor wheels to antique furniture and vintage clothes. With most of the buildings on the street being constructed before the 1970’s, 6th Street shoppers can enter an antique store and find themselves immersed in a kitchen, or several kitchens for that matter, that are remnants from inhabitants of the past. Two of the larger stores on the street, Sixth Street Antique Mall and Alley Katz Antique Mall were built back in 1924 and 1930, giving the buildings lots of little rooms and cubby holes where different vendors display their merchandise, making for both an interesting and sometimes confusing shopping adventure.

Artists and décor stores have also moved onto Sixth, bringing a fresher and funkier attractiveness to the street. Blue Sage Art Gallery opened a few years back, bringing art by various artists, as well as pottery classes and even a few weekend yoga classes mixed in. One of the newer stores to the street is Nest Interiors, which boasts an assortment of unique one-of-a-kind furnishings and décor, many of which are salvaged and eco-friendly products.

Aside from all of the shopping and exploring that can be found on 6th Street, there are also numerous eateries dispersed along the way. There’s the Goldenlight Café & Cantina which is the oldest continuously operating restaurant in Amarillo, where patrons enjoy great burgers and sandwiches during the day and live music on weekend nights. There’s also Barnaby’s Beanry where hungry visitors can enjoy a famous corn bread cheeseburger.

Over the years, it’s been debated on if Sixth Street had enough to offer or if it should be made “weird,” but regardless, there’s people who love it, those who like it and those who hate it either way.

Is Sixth Street all it’s cracked up to be?


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