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Is Sex Good For Prostate Health?

Is Sex Good For Prostate Health?
Is Sex Good For Prostate Health?

Men are frequently concerned about the health of their prostate, and often wonder if having sexual intercourse can prevent problems from developing. While they may be curious, the majority of men will never vocalize their concerns. In general sex, and particularly ejaculation can help remove toxins that might be linked to prostrate cancer, thus lessening a man's risk of developing it. While some studies do suggest that sex is good for the prostate, other research indicates that engaging in too much sex can be potentially harmful. Which leaves men still wondering is sex really is good for their prostate.

Prostate Health and Sex

Studies suggest that along with ejaculation being able to remove harmful toxins from the body, sexual intercourse may also help to impede the growth of the small crystals that can cause certain cancers. Sex can also help to boost a man's immune system. Stress levels can decrease and the central nervous system can be quieted all from experiencing regular ejaculations. This can also assist in slowing down the growth of the cancerous cells and promote a general sense of happiness and well being.

When researching whether increased sexual activity can put a man at a higher risk of developing prostrate cancer, it was discovered that men who reported having at least 20 ejaculations a month due to intercourse or masturbation had a 33 percent lower risk of developing prostate cancer. While this does not mean that it is necessarily healthy to over indulge in sexual activity, it also means that sex probably does not cause prostate cancer.

Is Sex Good for Prostate Problems?

In a study conducted at the University of Nottingham-Medical School, researchers found that men who ejaculated 10 times a month were at a slightly lower risk of developing prostate cancer. Continuing with the study, it was also noted that men between the ages of 20 to 30 were at a higher risk of developing prostate problems when they experienced an ejaculation more than 20 times a month. A startling fact that researchers learned in the younger age group was the risk of developing prostate cancer increased if the majority of the ejaculations were caused by masturbation. Men who were over the age of 40 experienced none of the risk associated with prostate problems and masturbation, and simply were at a lower risk. This study seems to show a correlation between testosterone levels and prostate cancers, though researchers are still debating what the effect is.

Other Benefits of Sex

Sexual intercourse can benefit the prostate in other ways as well, along with possibly decreasing a man's risk of developing cancer. Sex helps to maintain the health of the penile tissue and can help to prevent an erectile dysfunction from occurring, which are important to a man's recovery after being treated for prostate cancer.

Lack of sexual activity can also cause problems in men that can include a shortening of his penis and difficulty achieving an erection. This can also effect his mental and physical health, along with the possibilities of problems developing in the relationship.

While it is possible that sex is good for prostate problems, men should always remember to wear a condom. A condition know as bacterial prostatitis can occur along with painful urinary tract infections.

STDs and Prostatitis

Frequent and unprotected sex can put men at a higher risk of contracting a sexually transmitted disease, which can also cause prostatitis. The bacterial infection can also be caused by improper hygiene after engaging in anal sex. Studies are beginning to show that sexually transmitted disease are linked to prostate cancer, and men who have a had a STD in the past may be at a higher risk. In addition, through men can contracted prostatitis as a result of a sexually transmitted disease, the bacterial infection has not been linked to an increase risk of developing additional prostate problems.


To answer the question on whether sex is good for the prostate, researchers are still divided. What is known is that men who are are enjoying health sexual lives, seem to be at a lower risk of developing prostate problems. While this does not mean that sex will prevent prostate problems, it can improve a man's overall health which in turn can lower his risk and help him to live a full and healthy life.

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