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Is self employment a real job option?

A few months ago I posted an article about a number of great companies that where founded during recessions. Great innovation occurs when individuals are motivated to think of different ways to do something. Through my work I speak to people every day about their job situation. Most fall into one of three unordered categories. 
The first group is the paychecks who only perceive their value as an employee to a company. Since job creation is running so low, and unemployment is high, these folks are finding the trough running dry.
The second group are those who want to have the security of a regular job, but always have their finger into something on the side. You know the type, works down the row from you, passed you a card for insurance sales or resume creation. These folks often desire to be self-employed, but are not comfortable jumping off the job wagon until something else looks dependable. 
Then there are the true self-employed ones. People like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mark Cuban, David Packard, Stevie Ray Vaughan and many more that never saw themselves as successful employees. They wanted to be in charge of what they were doing and how they would do it.
For me, I fall squarely into the second category. I always have a regular 'day job', but I am always working on my own time trying to build something bigger. 
A recent posting on New York Times writer Scott A. Shane's blog discussed a recent trend showing that startups appear to be on the rise among older Americans in the economy. That is not much of a surprise considering that at least some of those unemployed folks sitting at home are also probably thinking about making their own luck. 
To close, I expect that the next five years will see a turn from our current slow economy into a boom time again. I believe with every fiber that the seeds we plant now will pay off in money trees later. Will you be sitting at the same old job desk in five years, or will you be steering your own ship? We are a product of our decisions, and the ideas you pursue and the choices you make today will influence who and what you are down the road. Stretch your vision. Close your eyes, see what you can be and go for it. See you at the top.
Live Free or Die
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