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Is Russia standing down?

Just the opposite according to a Fox News analyst, Gordon Chang. Gordon Chang is known for his extreme reaching when it comes to stories about China, North Korea, and now Russia. His reporting is the source for hyperbole that Fox News enjoys.

'Locals pose with the wreckage of a Ukrainian military plane shot down in eastern Ukraine on Monday'

The facts in the Russian story are undeniable.

  • Russia took the Crimea from the Ukraine with little or resistance
  • Russia has supplied ethnic Russian rebels with weapons, supplies, and training
  • Russia is likely to have augmented Ukraine rebels with military advisors and assistance
  • Russians have crossed the border into the Ukraine on multiple occasions
  • Russian leader Vladimir Putin has made threatening comments toward the Ukraine and the European Union on multiple occasions

The Americans and Europeans have levied sanctions against Russian, but have used a soft glove treatment because Europeans are trade-dependent, especially with fuel.

One big question is why should the Ukraine withdraw forces from the Ukraine? It is their sovereign right to defend their own territory. It is nuts that Russians asked them to negotiate away that right.

Reading between the lines in Russia’s words and actions, Gordon Chang believes that the Russians have implied that they are considering using nuclear weapons in an offensive manner. That threat pretty well ignites the Cold War once again.

How the U.S. and European allies respond to Russia, and how much progress Russia makes by using aggression is watched by North Korea, China, and Iran too. Everyone wants to know how the free world collective, as it is called in this column, will confront aggression from rogue nations.

At the present time, America is about ready to put troops on the ground in Iraq and Syria to eradicate the Islamic State. We are at a tipping point once again.

“Putin calls on rebels to ‘stop advancing’ as Ukraine, Russia in agreement on steps needed for cease-fire
Published September 03, 2014

Russian President Vladimir Putin is calling on rebels in eastern Ukraine to “stop advancing,” hours after Ukraine announced that steps have been agreed upon with Russia for a future cease-fire in the region.

Putin, speaking in the Mongolian capital of Ulan Bator, said he came up with a 7-point peace plan on the plane trip there in which Kiev must withdraw its troops and stop its artillery strikes.

"The warring parties should immediately coordinate and do the following things together," Putin said in televised comments. "The first thing is for the armed forces and insurgents of the south-east of Ukraine to stop active advancing in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

"Second is for the Ukrainian military to withdraw their troops at a safe distance that will make artillery and other strikes on populated areas impossible," he added.

Putin also urged an unconditional exchange of prisoners and said he expected a final agreement between Kiev and the rebels to be reached Friday at peace talks in Minsk, Belarus.

The remarks came after the office of Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko released a statement saying that "mutual understanding was reached regarding the steps that will contribute to the establishment of peace."

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